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Just reading until your heart is content. Most works here are that of the admin. In the future we hope to be a collective launch pad for new, or seasoned wtiters from all walks of life. Join the adventure of a lifetime, never stop reading! This is the new way of reading that requires less time and baggage. That you can take anywhere (given that anywhere has Wi-Fi).

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Not able to tell you how happy I am with Twister Fiction. I am so pleased with this library. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding free service. The very best.


I can’t say enough about Twister Fiction . It’s just amazing. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Twister Fiction . The service was excellent.

Collete R.

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Pulling our EV car from the garage, I caught sight of a thick dust storm out of my peripheral until I turned my head sweeping the neighborhood heading right for my house. I zipped back in slightly colliding with the garbage cans in front of the car, closing the door with the clicker behind me … Continue reading Drought

Scheming Unclesl

Phil Daz looked at the spotty book in his hands as a feeling of loneliness crept down his danced around his subconscious. He mozied over to the window and reflected upon his old-fashioned surroundings. He always loved hilly Moscow with its clever, curvy cliffs. A place that encouraged his tendency to feel lonely. Then he … Continue reading Scheming Unclesl

King Of Flames

  Sarto, borned in Ogobol late one winter night. His father, a blacksmith. Like father like son, Sarto wanted to follow the trade, to take up the family heritage. Taking youth smithing classes, once he was the age of a man he graduated to advanced smithing completly mastering his career choice. One late night he … Continue reading King Of Flames

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