Necessity Of Compassion/short story…

This is often a very good thing to ask one’s self, In life we are told to love thy neighbor and its true we need to care for each other, because none of us are different except the apparent stuff, point is we shouldn’t stereotype nor judge one another. Once I was young I used to be told, this is often an unpleasant world please don’t contribute, face the darkness and adversity compassionately, Integrity, Courage lastly Love with all of your heart don’t go cold the planet needs a torch to light the way…. The saddest part is its causing a hike in narcissism rates now at a staggering 8% within the us alone, Bullying is becoming ever prevalent kids are impressionable they see say a parental yelling and belittling somebody, then the child goes to say school for instance, and copies that behavior. Then those kids do it because they seen it, it is a vicious cycle, we need to tip the scales back… In all reality we are all biologically identical Nevermind skin color, race, ethnicity, nationality or otherwise. We are all human that’s a specie which trumps those sub classes handily, I actually have a Challange for all of my readers. Commit a random act of kindness whenever you’ll be able to however, Together we will make a difference.” Even the littlest voices can make waves”

Final note: Don’t judge nor stereotype others as one cannot fathom what’s happening inside others lives, you never know! Stay positive Share love abundantly Stay loose of hate and gossip. Thank you for reading i hope this  was helpful and/or informative, Let me know in the comments thank you bye for now.

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