Abducted By The Fog Part One: Captured

The school year is over finnally, 104 days of summer vacation well 100 because were going on a flight to see Hawaii, and for the first time ill be riding on an airplane. We arrived at the airport my mom and pa told me to sit and wait in the waiting room while they sorted the tickets, moments later my mom hustled over waving the tickets excitedly my dad perceived to hardly reciprocate her joy rather seemed upset about this. About 2hrs into the flight I woke to turbulence that scared me half to death, my mom was able to sooth me back out, 5hrs into the flight the plane bagan slightly rolling mid-air “this is your captain speaking we are under severe climatic conditions please fasten your seatbelts!” the intercom boomed leaving us all ghostly pale and silent. There was a strange swoosh and flash past us some type of UFO i couldn’t place what it looked like other than cyan blue thrusters, then

It felt as if the plane was moving through obstacle course smashing into and swerving around the obstacles, an enormous kaboom erupted from the right wing, sending the plane into a thrashing downward spiral activated the oxygen masks the plane heading towards what we all thought was the ocean until we broke through a thick layer of fog that revealed 3 islands. There’s some sort of a runway on the middle one, the plane began buckling unter the sheer G-Force. The ground not far from the plane it all went black, I woke to a dismembered plane and my parents on top of me I plowed out of the pile of rubbish I was buried in only to the smell of rotting flesh and excretory product. Upon scouring for hours i believe I’m the last one alive, I found the left wing was jutting out of the plane at just the proper angle to create a pleasant shelter from the weather , using all the cloths, string, and sewing needles I had found i was ready to stitch up basic walls for my small shelter.

Upon ransacking through the staff area of the plane I found, food, water, cups, plates, cutlery and some tarps to keep out the moisture, in conjunction with a full can of Zippo fluid and lighter also full. Back at my little shelter with my haul in toe, it’s going dusk fast i thought to myself as I hurried along with securing the walls and making a fireplace. With the fireplace rolling away from what twigs I could scour from the island, employing a metal pot id found within the employee area and a can of pork and beans the small pop tab kind, I heated the beans until they were nice and hot then I transferred the pot off the warmth, to cool before I devour them with haste. I also found some novels while digging that looked worth a read together with a solar led light that has up to 10hrs on one charge IDK why they had this but it’s useful for keeping my shelter lit and of course to read. the following day, I had awoken right about dawn which to my surprise my shelter is facing it, looks dang close to an egg yolk nonetheless awe-inspiring as I’m from the crowded city where views like these are wishful thinking.

Sitting atop my shelter gazing round the island collecting my thoughts, I actually have survived a plane crash, and now I’m stranded without any bearings for direction or where i am entirely. I should have paid my dad more attention camping and hiking, rather than playing on my video games, but now’s not the time to dwell on wasteful thinking i would like to get out of here to tell the tale. First I drew an enormous SOS within the sand adjacent to my shelter for any passing planes to in threory see, next I set up a flair fire just in case they do not see my SOS i can lite it fast. Some days later, I found lots of hope as I see another bigger island a couple of miles adjacent to the one we crashed on maybe there’ll be civilization there. employing a backpack from the wreckage I packed up the food and water I had together with a couple of flares, and therefore the fire stuff, while rummaging the plane I found alittle metal box perfect for my size pre-sealed and floats well and using the paddles I found on the island I was able to commence the trek towards the next island.

Upon Arival I see a mud road, I excitedly follow it to seek out a cabin still pumping smoke perhaps someones home. I knocked on the door softly an older man greeted me at the door with an astonished look, he was taken aback then inviting me in pointing towards a chair next to the hearth, “how did you get all the way out this way lad” the man questioned “it was a plane crash on the island next to yours” I had replied, “ah isn’t the first time this place has eaten a plane” the man assured, “what does one mean by that?” I questioned, ah see I crashed here some 30 years ago” the man hastily replied, gulp so, i could never leave here” I shuddered out, “not may but will, this place isn’t any earth its something else only three islands exist here beyond that is the deathly fog” the man clarified, “so how have you survived this long?” I queried “I helped other survivors build a village on the 3rd island” the man stated, “how many others exactly?” I asked, “12 folks plus you makes 13” the man answered, “wait that few how?” I questioned, “From what i do know this place chooses certain people as subjects, that deadly fog we spoke of each few months on the first day expands out around this complete stretch of ocean. Some don’t make it through 24hrs of exposure thanks to their organs boiling” the man answered fearfully “what should I do then?” I prodded again “you learn your environment and adapt” the man replied….

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