Abducted By The Fog Part Two: Fight The Fog

Adapt…. I pondered, I’m just a city slicker this is not my thing, how could i do this im not fit for this type of life at all.

worry not lad i will be able to assist you first Let’s take a visit down to the town so, you’ll be able to meet the complete group” the man reassured

yeah let’s go see what this is all about” I muttered.

The man grabbed a tattered backpack from the hook by the door and gestured me to follow as he proceeded out the door, following the identical road from within which i entered, on down a hill lies alittle dock holding a paddle boat fit for two. We were greeted by the towns folk cheerfully I was utterly flabbergasted, after they invited us to have a look around, the town seems to be built Purley of old wrecked airplane parts which looks extremely awesome I’m astounded , I’d totally live here.

Snapped out of my nonplus by the man calling me over to a bonfire where all the towns folk were having a shin dig, sharing food and drink while conversing amongst one another, they caught sight of the man and rushed over. Shortly after they caught up the man asked me to introduce myself to everyone; “Hello everyone I’m Henry.” The townsfolk cheered and welcomed me to the food and drink displayed on a table by the fire, I obliged happily as i’m famished.

Our bonfire ended shortly after thanks to the fog coming in unanticipated, All I could do is stare frozen solid while everyone around me scurried to a close-by shelter the man called for me but i could not move because it grew close they shut the doors. Engulfed within the fog I could feel it inside me, my skin starting to bubble i began feeling woozy it went blurry then black. For once I felt completely power less over myself like i wasn’t controlling my very own body, after I woke it had been two days later within the infirmary with pretty severe wounds all over me but,I survived the 24hrs how could this be. Why me I’m just your average secondary school kid from the big city. Henry.. Henry.. Henry, i was snapped into focus abruptly

yes im henry” I groaned

we were taken aback that you actually lived through the fog, now can i ask why you didnt just run for the shelter?”

I was frozen, it felt like i was observing myself

“are you sure this isnt fear related?”

positive doc, I know what i experianced it was almost like the OBE’s id get as a kid

“that is pluasable, thank you henry. Get some rest now.”

A short while after the doc left, the man came and visited me also came to question how i was doing. All I can say right away is “unsure” and in pain right now, I remained in this hospital bed for 41 days before i was able to live through the injuries the fog made. Now i do know I can survive the fog maybe I can leave here and free the others stuck here aswell, i started learning the way to fight, hunt, fish and survive in this brutal place.

60 days I put my nose to the grindstone to go from pool noodle to warrior I grew, i’m finally able to journey into the mist a boundry nobody has lived to inform , call it crazy or call it hope i’m going with the latter. the kind townsfolk prepared me a go bag with all the essentials, I thanked them kindly then departed towards the fog barrier closest to our 3rd island.

Upon arrival, it looked as if it would be just dense fog, employing a yellow headlamp they provided me i was able to see barely enough into the fog to note it drops approximately 6ft (1.83 m) down without a bridge on this side I moved on to the adjacent fog wall closest to the 2nd middle most island. i was able to locate what looks to be an old bridge, slow and tender i cautiously scaled the old bridge around 100ft (30.48 m) across the fog barrier to be greeted by another island, this one though had ruins adorning it. Mostly fabricated from rock, and fine gravel although there are still trees and grass, as I crept closer I could hear the faint hum of something mechanical.

As said curiosity killed the cat, i started ascending the dirt path resulting in the decreped abandoned structures which looked space esk and beyond man kinds comprehension. Once up on the platue you’ll see all around glistening blue water amid a warm wild blue yonder with the sun joyfully setting above me, back on the Wierd hum. It gave the impression to be emitting from the center building, once I reached the door it had been already eerily open, pushing it all the way ajar revealed a space jam-packed with mechanical goodies and cobwebs.

Taking a short scan to ascertain for light switches, I noticed a big lever on the wall with POWER above it, upon pulling the lever a couple of solid thuds, and therefore the room was illuminated revealing all the wierd machines. Taking a rove round the building suggests this can be what controls the phenomena sort of a science laboratory of sorts, after I completed the center building two more accompany it one amongst which is on the adjacent right side with connecting pipes between.

Once inside I found another switch, once illuminated the space revealed 4 pod like things with humanoids inside, reading the panels to the side of the pods it indicates the overseer is away and this can be his crew due to thaw during a couple of hundred years more or less. Moving to the last building inline with the first, once illuminated revealed a server room with a platform within the middle containing many monitors, vital trackers and cameras for both this island the test islands, and therefore the outside which look similar to the center of the ocean as if they’re using an invisible barrier of sorts. Upon inspecting the opposite gadgets, I could see my vitals, and therefore the others identical, all of our files have different notes this implies someone must be still running the installation.

Oh Henry your not supposed to be over here

who’s there?

The someone running this installation

I dont see you, how?

Before leaving to head towards orthasa i uploaded a copy of my consciousness onto this intsallations server essentially im an AI

that is great, but why are you holding us like lab rats?

my home planet has been ravenged from this same fog problem ive been trying to find a way to cure people of the deadly symtoms, then i smell your blood from that airplane i knew you were special so i brought it down here unlike the others you are immune

so why not let them go?

they can leave once you agree to some terms

terms?, what do you mean exactly?

well you’ll need to agree to undergo testing so i can extract what I need from your blood, then you will be added to a pod like the others

“you think im going to accept that, no way thats unreasonable

maybe you need a little more convincing, using the chips i put in all of you upon arrival i can do many things, one of which i enjoy, terminate subject, who’s first hmm ah lets do away with the old man

nooooo, you monster!

your species is discustingly pathetic and weak, accept my terms and they will be returened to there lives

fine you twisted asshat i agree to your terms

To make it final please state your name and what you are agreeing to so i can gather the evidence”

Henry, i agree to be tested on like a lab rat and i agree to be stored in a pod

thank you very much Henery muhahah

just one cluas

whats that?


what?, beep beep beep beeep. KABOOM

Moments before the bomb detonated id lunged out of the Labratory towards the Hill, I closed my eyes as I rolled down the Hill roughly. Then I hit the water where I had stopped all I could do was drag myself a shore and lay there while I watched the fog recede away, the invisible barrier began to collapse allowing the water to flow normally again, allowing the fake sky fades away into the night revealing the real world around us. I gathered myself off the sand and gazed back at the burning installation, I had destroyed, then focused back on returning to the second island.

THE END stay tuned for the final part tomorow!

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