Free Insanely Useful Pinging Software 2020

I have cultivated this list from personal usage experience, I do know these help. Though I cannot put an exact number on these. The list will be updated as i discover more, or you can make a submission through my contact page and get credit for my tomfoolery. Enjoy friends hope this helps you out.

There’s my top 7 FREE website pinging tools that to the best degree of my knowlege work fine, i noticed the last three seemed to drive the most…

  1. Pingler (A good free pinger, ive noticed it mostly pings countries)
  2. entireweb (I would advise staying FAR away from anything paid)
  3. ping-O-matic (I don’t have any data,(but share if you know)
  4. Site24x7 (ping 60+ countries)
  5. GooglePing (You will definitely get benefit with Google ping, by notifying many Google search engines.)
  6. massping (you have an option to enter a list of your blog URLs are RSS URLs to do the pinging process)
  7. Backlinkping (Backlinkping is a website that provides bulk ping to your backlinks to the search engines and gets indexed in your backlinks directory.)
    • FreeIndexerV2 (Free Indexer submits each one of your URLs “backlinks” to hundreds of statistic sites. This gives you too many backlinks or link pyramids. And gets your URLs “backlinks” indexed by Google!)

Cool Tip:

simply put “site:[URL]” into the search bar, it will bring up your indexed sites.

Important Note: I advise you dont ping exessivley, as google and other engines used for pinging will PENALIZE you. So use responsibly =)

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