Joana’s Turn Of Hope

A plump bowler hatted banker approached Joana, posted on a bench. “Greetings lad, Do you have a moment?”

Joana turned towards the mans voice, “Well yes, have a sit!”

The banker adjusted, sitting adjacent to Joana, facing him, “I like you Joana, you’ve been on this bench for quite some time. I’d love to offer you a job with me”.

Looking at the cement path below me, “I’m afraid kind sir, the market has no place for a man of my age”, echoing with self-doubt.

Clearing his throat, removing his beaver bowler hat, dropping it over his knee, “That’s becuase this world is full of doubt and hatered, you see. I’m different I want to help you get back on your feet, Joana.” the banker reassured. “Also its Mr.Baldwink with that bank right there behind you”.

A brief puase insued… as Joana chewed on the the idea:

Rubbing his chin stubble in thought, “How could I be certain you wouldn’t fire me at days end?”

Rising off the bench, ploping the bowler hat on his big bald head, “Becuase, I can put you in secretarial if it works for you, kindness is all too rare, either way i plan to hire you on!”

Standing, shaking Baldwinks hand firmly, “Indeed it is, thank you I think i’ll take you up on your offer”

Opening the passanger door, gesturing Joana to board, “Well first things first, lets get you a shower and a fresh pair of garments!”

At Baldwink’s house, he’d pulled right to the door of the large guest home. Opening the door once again Joana fubbled out of the car- awe-struck of his surrondings.

Pointing in the house’s general direction, “This is where you can stay until you get on your feet, you can ride-share with me, around 5a.m is usually when im on the go.”

Bracing himself against the car, “Oh dear this all for me? I don’t know if i can exept that offer seems to good to be true!” –pinching himself– (realizing it infact was true) Joana became joyace..

Patting Joana’s shoulder lightly, “Yes you see now it’s true! I could not bare watching you sit apon that lonely cold bench any longer.”

reciprocating the gesture, “I appreciate this highly kind sir!”

5a.m Joana was fitted a suit, at the hands of the expert tailor of Mr.Baldwink –it fit like a glove, silky smooth lining, certainly feeling posh– Joana glanced at the Roland on his wrist: half past 5 it read.

Moments later a fancy Casiddity rolled to a stop, the passanger suicide door opened with a hiss. Revealing Mr.Baldwink blasting the classical band Sorta, added bonus he’d noted as he boarded the futuristic automobile. Joana shot a look of confusion Baldwink’s way, the man chuckled softly hitting a button on the center console with a door icon, it hit Joana with an ah-ha moment following a playful chuckle, samelike.

Arriving at the bank we parked, Baldwink turned to face Joana “So are you good with finance’s?”, adjusting to make eye-contact “a slight chuckle proceeding Joana’s thought: I was a former stockbroker.” Baldwink grinning ear-ear “Jolly, I have an office next to mine where I think you’ll feel right at home!”.

The building was small though beautiful in design, boasting four huge quartz pillars, above them was a stone slabbed peaked roof with run-of-the-mill shingles adorning it’s surface. Below was a dark, glossy marble staircase, with about 24 steps.

Inside Joana was greeted with a warm cozy atmosphere with that classic bankish smell wafting throughout the air. Baldwink lead Joana behind the service desk, where 2 offices adorned the north wall, two more on the south. Baldwink aimed for the northern wall 2nd door, Joana already enscribbed into it’s plaque.

gesturing at the door, Joana oblidged, griping the cold solid metal knob, then thrusting it downwards. the latch gave, ajaring into the decent sized corner-office, “This will be your office, Joana. Do you like it?” he looked at Joana awaiting his approval.

Awe-struck with the nautical theme,”Yes this is fabulous sir, now where can i begin.” Joana felt like a kid in a candy store.

A pointer towards the mahogany desk, piled with paper’s, “Ah yes, you will be handling asset managment!”

with a glance, “swell, I’ll be right on it sir!” Joana brimmed with excitement.

It has been 6 month’s since Joana’s start in his role of asset management, he wove his life back in together, much happier. All thanks to the kind man Mr.Baldwink whom instilled the passion and happiness back into Joana.

Note from the author: Always be kind to people despite what there cover holds, as we don’t have x-ray vision, we simply we cannot make assumtions based on menial stereotypes.

Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.

– Jackie Chan

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