Rody And Clide

Tik-tok the alarm chimed in rythem until the godfather clock struck midnight ten it was mind boggling ear blowing migrane enducing experience. Awake now little rody was, intensely craving cheese oh cheese why yes what a treat thad be on my grumbling stomach begging for sustenance.

Through his door under the godfather clock rody squirmed free, remaining vigilant for the pesty clide cat —if you can call him that he looks like a puma— rody made his record distance since they employed the cat to eat me like a snack. Speaking to soon clide came a bailing around the corner at full steam ahead, pouncing to catch rody he did. (in this moment he knew he ###### up) as he landed straight on the wood-stove, yowwww hissss.

clide scurrried towards the water dish dipping his paws inside with a sizzle, shooting a look of hate rodys way. eekk tiny rody squeaked with terror his little heart doing cartwheels and pupils wide as suacers samelike. Clide made another attempt before he made his hole –failing– witty little rodent clide smacked the floor peeved at this rodents smarts.

Waitining a moment rody bite off a sheet of duct tape –using it to wrap clides paws together — scurrying to the kitchen once again as fast as his tiny sticks could muster. Clide waking realizing he’s trapped –not for long– ripping the tape on the fifth try, hauling into the kitchen looking for his prey on target clide slunk down fully fluffed and ready to pounce.

Opening the frigde door, rody rolled his fattened body gorged with cheese down to the floor. Freezing noticing something was amiss… he turned, turning pallor with fright at his gaze,

To his horror one pissed off puty tat was locked on like a heat seeking missile ready for luanch samelike his eyes were huge amd intimidating licking his chops at the meal before him. Preventing rody from doing anything but flight. Clide luanched with heafty speed sending the rug into an accordian, right on rodys tail he was.

Finnaly all it took was a very peeved clide, strutting towards his owner with pride in every audible step. Good boy clide finnaly, maybe this is why my godfather clock was off a little.

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