Hound Dog Of Bluetat Trail

“No no no, I will not let us go on a trek that could possibly kill both of us!” Ron said.

“Why not the brochure says it’s fine, besides, — huff — I never knew you to be a wussy!” Sarah said.

Ron taken aback by his wife’s backbone….then realizing she was tapping the counter and sending daggers.

“Alright yes, is that what you want to hear?!” Ron said

“yes that will do nicely, now go pack becuase the flight leaves tomorrow at 7:00 a.m” Sarah said

At the airport, it was crowded and stuffy. Making matters worse Sarah choose frontier for their flight.

“This is not what I signed up for Sarah.” Ron said.

“Well if you made better money I could’ve done more!” Sarah said

Ron buried his nose into a book, Sarah choose the women’s magazine. Quietly they sat in an effort to not spoil their honeymoon.

“Finnaly were landing!” Ron said

“Woo-hoo we’re here Ron, just look at this place its beautifully lush.” Sarah said.

Meandering their way down towards the entrance, soaking in the foreign views as they stroll through.

A taxi awaited them, holding a sign enscribbed with their names. Approaching the driver,

“Mr. and Mrs. Camp?” The driver said.

“yes this is.” they answered in unison.

The taxi ride was jam-packed with lush views and mountains so close they could almost touch them.

“This is wonderful! Isn’t it Ron?”

“Why yes it is Sarah! Ready to change and hit the trail?” Ron said

“Sounds fantastic we’ve got plenty of time to make the first trail and back.” Sarah said

Changed to more fitting hiking gear, they began ascending the shortest one first: Bluetat novice.

No more than halfway down the trail, the two heard a noise… strange rustling in the bushes. Ron pulled Mr. confidence “I will striketh thou” charging at the bushes with a twig.

As he grew close to the bush a frightened dog pounced out catching Ron’s calf in its jaws. “ahh!” Ron screamed with agony.

Once Ron was on the ground the dog fled, Sarah pulled threw off her pack grabbing her phone from the mesh pocket. No signal.

“No no Ron.” Sarah quickly scrambled her packs zipper open, inside she dug out her first aid kit, teeth guard, blowtorch and the small suacepan off the side.

Everything out she struggled to get Ron to take the mouth guard “Ron Ron stay with me you’ll want this.”

Ron hesitantly put the mouth piece in, looking into her beautiful blue eyes, there was a glimmer of worry.

Igniting her blowtorch, heating the pan until it was redhot. Cutting Ron’s pant leg off near the wound then applying the red hot pot.

Gahhhhh! ” Ron winced momentarily.

“Good we’ve stopped the bleeding!” Sarah cheered, as she grabbed for Disinfectant, gauze and antibiotic ointment.

“Thank you Sarah” Ron said before he passed out.

Daybreak the next day Ron came tussling awake, “Ron you’re with me, need water?” Sarah said.

“Yeah desperately.” Ron said excepting the bottle.

“Can you walk?” Sarah said

“Yeah I think so, how far from the trailhead?” Ron said

Uh I’d say 3 miles give or take.” Sarah said

“Can you give me a hand?” Ron said

Sarah gave Ron her dominant arm to pull himself up, then giving him a hiking stick for balance.

“Thank you honey.” Ron said

“It’s been so long, since you called me anything but Sarah.” Sarah said

“Well never to late too turn over a new leaf.” Ron said burrowing into Sarah’s silk smooth coconut-smelling hair.

Heading for the trailhead, it felt like hours due to Rons leg injury but they made it.

Tossing the packs in the trunk of their rental, quickly Sarah began finding the nearest hospital on her cellphone.

Route set it was just a dead run now. At the hospital the doctor in charge recognized Sarah, “Someone cover me!” He said heading to Sarahs aid.

Damn Ron what happened man?”

“I charged at the bush, obviously the wrong bush.”

“High priority patient coming back!”

as the doctor rolled Ron back towards the operating room quickly. A few hours later the doctor returned with a face of bad news.

Sarah im sorry to inform you that….your husband was exposed to a rare hybrid dog bite. The animal managed to mangle your husbands leg, severely enough we had to remove it.”

“I can work with that…..we can.” tears streaming down her face.

Ron finally out of surgery, Sarah was invited to come to recovery and see that he’s ok.

“Ron I’m so glad your ok.” more tears raining from her eyes….I feel so guilty it’s my fault.

“It’s alright Sarah, I still have you. That leg can be sorted.” Ron snorted with laughter.

ha-ha, what a way to rekindle but it works.” she chucked with a brief blush.

“Indeed honey, what do you say. once we get out of here let’s hit the bar?”

“I’d love to Ronny”

The End

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