Spirt Hawk

Spirit Hawk was brave and wise, today he’s honored and commemorated. This is his story…

Long yore dwelled a cast of hawk’s, their leader Spirit Hawk conquered many lands in his time, until Spirit Hawk came upon the land of the Soul Hawk.

25 lands, this was planned 26. Flying due north from the grasslands to the forest (Spirit Hawks homeland).

Spirit Hawk believed he’d have the upper hand, although upon hovering over on a scout wham ambush blitzed, Spirit Hawk in the confusion of talons flailing one had cuaght Spirt Hawks wing. Squaaw

Grounded, Soul Hawks cast kept Spirit Hawk’s busy, while Soul Hawk took advantage of the injured Spirit Hawk — his own brother — drew a talon to Spirit Hawk, whom was knocked unconscious.

With Spirit Hawk out of his way, Soul Hawk offered the leaderless cast asylum under his ranks.

Soul Hawks cast disarmed, allowing the cast to consider the offer for a moment, coming to a unified agreement.

They came at Soul Hawk with a tallon bragade formation — requiring only six hawk’s: 6 hawk’s left — right for Soul Hawk only getting in scratches before Soul Hawks cast was on top of them.

Fought and Fought they did, twelve against six. The Six perished, taking 7 other’s weakening Soul Hawk’s cast to crippling levels.

Even through adversity they remained brave and loyal to the cast as their mentor instilled unto them.


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