It all started some years ago, it was a normal highschool day just digging my nose into physics books.

Among the different verses was the “Hex-Verse” a multi-dimensional gateway, my older scientist brother called me a bafoon for my ignorance, scalding me not to meddle with the verses as they are “dangerous”.

I became so angry at him I had to walk away, in the hall I plopped down on the floor in sorrow and disgust.

Collecting myself enough to return to my lab — bedroom — I decided not to heed my brother’s advise, wrecklesly I moved along… on my own.

Using aluminum foil, copper wire and a car battery. Carefully removing the six stones placing them in order carefully.

One jem per side with interconnected copper wiring — close in method as the arc reactorator — with more power…. and risk.

Finished it was the moment of truth — pulling a welding helmet over my round head — terminals connected it began.

Then my brother kicked in my door ordering me to remove the terminals at once, “NO!” I exclaimed.

“Brother you have no idea what your meddling with!”

“And you do?!”

“Not in practice no but textbooks yes!”

“Don’t try blowing smoke up my hole brother, I hate you!”

“Gahhh, dang it, *pulls out a book — labled “The Haxa-Verse” –* you see I do know the dangers. How do you think father died? Not the the way you we’re told all those years ago.”

I literally could not speak words evacuated, reaching down disconnecting the terminals. I just dropped in tears.

“Wait! It’s too late!”

I turned around to see a yellow orb around my contraption, “what must we do brother?”

As I watched him scramble through the pages, he landed on one with an illustration of the same orb. His scientific mind speed reading the text and subtexts.

“The only way way is for someone to go through it.”

“No that better not be whats whirling around in your brain!”

“Yes brother I made an oath to father to protect you from your own curiosity, thus I plan to fulfill this as he wished.”

“Before I depart from this verse, here’s Father’s scientific lenses and lab coat. I do love you brother.”


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