Rittled Mindscape

bitter dreary winter night it was

I was strolling through a beautiful unfamiliar park lush with trees and bushes, the snow coated the ground in a light even layer of snow — accumulating still.

wrought-iron spiraling to a bell-like lamp with the vibrant bright light, I would assume its LED stuff… all rhe rave.

With the snows refraction the park was well lit, leaving a magestic fantasy feel to my stroll. Coming upon the center fountain I see someone starkly familiar among the unfamiliar.

Approaching the man, I was star struck at the mans blue grey lox, and well chiseled made for perfect symmetry. He looks just like me, I was taken aback by meeting my long-dead twin brother.

The man befire him spoke no words nor awknowleged him in the slightest.

Snapped awake by the thunderstorms KABOOM echoing through my walls.

I startled when I saw my brother standing over me — It went dark

Again I woke, this time in a white room with — my living room before the accident…

Upon the scene all of us, my divorced wife, duaghter, son, me and my brother.

Once I laid eyes on him… he moved like he was breaking out of his mold — approaching me stopping at a pokable distance.

“Look at what you’ve done, a long look.”

“what do you mean creepy dead brother memory?”

“You killed me brother!”

Again I was snapped awake, but this time it was silent and the sun was peeking over the horizon.

What a bad nightmare


Copyright 2021 SvenDefono, all rights reserved.