Dwarf Duo

12 dwarve’s dwelled in a thick lush grove of trees, in a magically – protected sanctuary away from humons.

Logging has begun, it only keeps getting closer as days pass. We must stop them from logging the Ern wood tree’s.

Ern wood trees power our sanctuary, long yore Wise dwarf devised a way for us to evade humon’s. Saving us from their great war, the tree’s grew back.. now this.

There is one way to stop those infernal machines, overloading the ‘shield’ in theory, causing the Ern wood to dispurse the excess energy. We’ll be visible to them, going to need precision to get it back online asap.

“chief if i may?,” Night dwarf broached.

Well go on son.

“I recently magivered together an E.S.P devise,” Night dwarf said.

Brilliant, how do you believe we could deploy this method.

“Simple chief, I’ll take the tunnels below the tree’s,” night dwarf said.

Great idea son, one small problem. How do you plan to get topside without being spotted? Also can you carry one of these through the tunnels?

“Remember the one tree with a lookout carved into it,? Yes i can without an issue,” night dwarf said

Ah yes thats right young me, well if you feel prepared for a mission.. you may go but I’d like to send Crimson dwarf with you.

“Yes chief, we’ll report back when the mission is complete!,” Night and Crimson dwarf stated in unison.

This meeting is ajurned, the other 9 dwarves went about their chores while the Chief dwarf stayed back to complete remodel plans. –

“Its nice to be away from it,” Night dwarf said.

“Indeed, though you know why your father is hard on you.. right?” Crimson dwarf said.

“Well yes but its prevented me from socializing much with other dwarve’s,” Night dwarf said.

standing still they could hear the humon fossil burner directly above.

“Wait, dead above us” Crimson dwarf said.

Topside peering out the circular carve out, they saw the humons below. Night dwarf fetched the launcher from it’s sack.

The devise logged on the metal mammoth, it began spuddering then quit.

The humon came off the machine wondering what happened, samelike the duo defeated the other 3 mammoths.

As the humon’s left they put a sign stating this area unlogable due to wierdness.


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