Lost Amulet

Beaten, battered and lost, and they took the amulet.

Thats right we need to start before… this amulet gives the wearer a power to travel between dimensions.

I was stupid, decided on Earth of all. Luckily I was morphed into a human before anyone could see my purple alienesk body. The amulet just had to spawn me 6ft in the air above a bar, upon crashing through their roof and onto their bar counter taking many bottles with me.

Very angry human dude’s charged me, good thing im not a weakling like them, they discarded me out the back like the trash I lay in. Now back to the present..

Almost regenerated, nibbling on pie I found mmm tastes like cherry. Still going to need new digs I thought.

Forcing this body to move after that takes effort and a whole lot of joint popping, standing moved over towards the garbage bin where a sack with retro men’s clothes — my size.

Removing the rags from my body, replacing them with those retro clothes and a complimentary pair of shoes thank you.

Looking human again I can now look for my amulet to get home, when I thought my luck couldn’t get any better wham I realized this was a big city.

While taking in the views a pawn shop cuaght my eye, at the display window it wasn’t there — slumped down saddend walking away the rain began to pour down in buckets.

Defeated until tomorrow I thought, lifting the lid of an empty garbage can hidden away from humans where I’ve stayed before. I tricked it out all cozy with blankets lining the metal interior and roof while i was inside for light and sound dampening.

The next day, the sun hung over bright and hot. Scouring to find my amulet again, leading me into an ally containing a mystical shop, inside decorated in a gypsy style — quiant and cozy.

There in the window called my amulet, the woman went out of sight long enough for me to grab it and run.

Back home finally, looking up from where I landed only to see my angry papa looming above me.

“Do you have any idea boy gahh, well this is it you’re grounded from that amulet until your an adult!”

Cowering at his booming voice I handed it to him.. im sorry really.


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