Caster Canyon

Caster Canyon was an old gold mine with a small ramshackle town at the base. It was bussling for years then one day something strange began lurking the town at night, snatching people.To this day people go up there, then vanish without a trace. I was the one man to escape whatever pillaged the inhabitants of Caster Canyon.I was passing through the town delivering mail at the time, going about my normal route at dusk, about halfway into my route I felt my hairs raise to a point samelike goosebumps raided me.Stopping like my gut said, then I went silent to listen.. russling in the bushes – I felt cold all of a sudden frozen – A mere 10ft from me.A humanoid launched from the bushes landing smack in front of me, he wore a black spandex suit of sorts with completely white eyes, I became entranced in them as if i was completly hypnotised.I couldn’t speak, before I could he luanched over me. While I had the chance I ran-ran-ran right on back to my horse buggy and sped off, ever since that day I have been tormented by my own thoughts, pillaged of happiness. To now where I sit here before fellow labled insanes telling my story.”Thank you for sharing Ron,” the counselor said. Nobody belives my story, was I the monster? “What did you say Ron?,” the counselor said. “I believe it was me, counselor.,’ Ron said. Ah well I tried, inadvertantly pawned that off on the poor mortal.


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