The Wishing Key

I’m nothing special, the only thing I can do is convey my thoughts into words onto paper. Nothing interesting, why not art, math or heck even science.

I live in Detroit nothing special there niether, I trailed off in my head…

Remembering the simple times with my ma and pa at the park on a sunny day in Seattle. Then another came about,

Ma, Pa and I snuggled up on our couch with popcorn watching cartoons.

“Jason,” my teacher drug me back to the real world, “yeah” as I began finishing the work in front of me as Mrs. Scrun tapped her foot on the floor impatiently.

“Done,” handing it off to the annoyed Scrun.

“Thanks, look if you need to, stay after class and we can talk ok.” As she proceeded with the lecture.

I focused for a second then it started sounding like gobbly goop again as another train trailed into the station. Fighting hard not to board it I shook my head, fruitless fighting I allowed myself to board,

Pa and I sat in his home office, on the desk before us he placed a box. It was dark with an infinity symbol on the top, he took an eye key and inserted it. Clicking followed then it popped open to reveal a ring and a piece of paper, first he explain what the paper stated.

Before you is a ring of great power, this ring is no ordinary ring, this ring gives the wearer one wish. One catch the wearer must pass the ring on to feed it souls.

“Uh…you want me to take this and use it?”

“Yes son, this is a family tradition, ” pa said.

“K, ” as I took the ring and placed it on my finger, it clamped tight. “Jason you are granted one wish!” — “destroy yourself!” I exclaimed.

“What kind of wish is that boy!” The ring yelled.

“That’s my wish fulfill it!” I growled.

The ring came off, then started glowing melting into a glob…

“What have you done son, ” pa slumped down with a groan flipping the paper around where it states,

Do not wish to destroy me or the price you’ll pay is the death of two loved family members.

“Oh no, I didn’t know!” I gasped.

Then it was like ma and pa vanished into thin air.

Goodbye, I sobbed.


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