The Traveler

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The Traveler was a mysterious man, he wore a black fitted suit for his slim-thicc build, a red tie fastened around his neck, finnaly a black tophat upon his round head, his face starkly similar to a coffin wearing round metal-framed glasses.

This man is the guardian of the time- watch, this time-watch was silver-esk upon opening it shined a bright blue light and whispers. I know this account is true the man appeared in my bedroom the other night, seeking an apprentice.

I told him to return the next night for an answer, as requested the man returned this time I followed. He grabbed me just below the shoulder and called “Base” into his watch. An orb engulfed us then zipping into my wall fast flinging us into the fabric of time then just as quickly as it began we arrived at a ramshackle warehouse containing all kinds of gadgetry.

Now many years later the man may have died from being thrown into the void of time, with him was the watch of time. I carry the nature-watch, I must find the other pocket watch before it falls into Fouters hands.

Fouters is an inter-timeline phenomenon banded by the notorious time raider, Olcas.

Olcas casted the man into the void, the void-watch is the 3rd of the set and the most dangerous as with a wish one can open a void anywhere. The man tried defeating Olcas fruitlessly — dying in the process.

Xyon is a network of guardians like myself, banded by the man Olcas’s twin brother.

Xyon and Fouters have been feuding for a good centry now, I plan to end this where it began. The previous time-base of the man, Xyon-9 a time traveling double decker 757 aeroplane style time-craft. Fouters took it over while it was “hidden” by the man during his sand anomaly adjustment.

Luckily the mans cane is the teleporter, the problem is finding where the craft is. To pinpoint its location on our small pod style time-craft we fashioned together after the man’s tragic end, all we need is their time-frequency and we are set.

We’ve pinpointed their location, 1857 London. Our elder over-used pod rattled out of the time-layer reveling smoggy London, according to the radar fashioned to the dash they should be in the industrial district.

Cloaked we arrived over their hideout, we landed just behind the hideout where the Xyon-9 was “hidden” though the cane began flashing, linking arms with my pilot and mechanic I thumped the cane on the metal floor of the craft.

It zapped us into the bridge, it luckily was vacant. The mechanic bolted towards the engine room below the decks, my pilot began booting the bridge running a quick pre-flight diagnostic. While I began locating the void pocket-watch, first I tried the man’s old office, my luck streak is looking good. I have acquired all three pocket-watches as requested by the man.

The mechanic gave the all clear, my pilot nodded and began raising the craft towards the sky and punched the throttle. Safe in the time-way I proceed towards the void room where a pocket-watch insert next to a door.

Inserting the watch a portal zapped to life, I called the man, his hand jutted from the black. I linked with him pulling him out, “I thought you we’re dead mentor!” — “haha that isn’t the first time, also remember we are guardians unbeknownst to everyone we are immortal,” the man replied.

Returning to the bridge with the man in toe the crew hailed with excitement.

“welcome back partner,” the mechanic cheered.

“Yeah glad to see you still kicking boss,” the pilot replied.

“Thank you all for the warm welcome back, we should return to base pronto,” the man said.

At base we proceeded towards a sealed door in the floor, opening it we placed the 3 watches safely back in their respective slots. Sealing the door again with mine and the mans thumbs, “the job is done,” the man said.


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