Camp Juka Part One

Part One:

“Summer camp, really mom,” Anna groaned.

“Be lucky, this business trip is going to be utterly boring,” mom said.

“Fine ok,” Anna said with followed silence.

“I love you Anna,” mom said positioning her rear view so she could see my face.

“Love you to mom,” Anna said getting out of the car onto the dirt path below.

A middle aged man greeted me:

“Hey Anna welcome to camp juka!” The man hailed.

Oh great here we go again, I thought.

“follow me lets go meet the other campers, and get you bunked,” the man said, trailing towards the camp.

I simply followed hoping it would be painless, at the middle fire I counted heads there was only a half dozen of us, “Alright campers, this is Anna she will be camping with you,” the man introduced me.

“Hey Anna, welcome,” Silvia said, patting the log next to her, to gesture me to sit. I oblidged.

“Yes welcome Anna,” Tony said.

“Wassup Anna,” Demetry said.

“Hello Anna, nice to meet you,” Chris charming said.

“Welcome to camp juka, Anna,” Martha glared in competition.

“Nice to meet you all, what’s your name Mr.?” I asked.

“Oh yes, you may call me Jones,” the man said.

“Cool, where can I put my things?,” I queried.

“Follow me, I’ll show you your huty hut,” Jones said.

I followed Jones down a dirt trail, towards a sea of primitive straw huts, I got the hut with an actual floor nice.

“Hope this will do, come join us once you get settled we’ll have mellows and crackers! ” Jones said.

“Thank you,” I said as Jones slipped out, shutting the door behind him.

Finally alone I explored my tiny hut I’ll be staying in for the next 4 months, I noted the amenities: side table, bed, small armour and a circular rug in the middle.

Unpacked I moved outside, 12 uniform huts surrounded mine. 4 porta-poties doted the edges, turning towards the middle fire I could see Jone’s trailer off in the distance with a similar but bigger straw shed with office painted on a sign.

At the middle fire 4 samelike logs surrounded it, one was full, the second had a vacant spot next to the same girl as during the introduction.

“Come join us Anna, no need to be shy,” they hailed me over.

I obliged, and sat, they passed down the Smores stuff with a poker to roast my marshmallow.

We sat, bantered and joked for a few hours until the sun retreated behind the mountains.

“Alright its bunk down time,” as Jones put out the fire.

In my bunk I kept hearing strange scurrying, then i felt a breeze coming from the rug. I moved the rug aside, revealing a strange door. With the door open I took a flashlight from my sack and clicked it on, Shining it below it was the same size as the hut above.

Down in the hole I fought with cobwebs, free I was able to look around. Noting: a shelf containing books and various artifacts and a desk containing a lantern, matches and an open book displaying a creature.

My curiosity trailed me towards the book, it read colvier. With an illustration of the creature below, at the bottom of the page was a shirt description:

Colvier is a deadly camper eating demonic creature, whom once was the camp master. Do not go out at night without light, nobody has been able to source a weakness as this creature is far more morphed than any other.

Wow thats nice I noted, Peering out a small peek hole in the wall. I saw one zip past then appeared right in front of me. AHH I screamed falling of the milk-crate I stood on crashing onto the floor.

Inadvertently I realized there was another door like indentation. I stumbled to my feet hissing at the pain shooting from my elbow, grabbed the matches I attempted to lite the lantern, it lit thank heaven moving to the second hanging on the ceiling samelike it lit. Now the room was illuminated, I could see loads of odds and ends but nothing like a lever. Maybe like the movies I thought moving to the bookshelf fiddling with the books to see if I could open the door.

Three books in I found the one, the foor began grinding open. Below was even more cobwebs, but also what appears to be an armory. Clearing the cobwebs revealed all kinds of weapons splayed about with a desk in-between.

Confused I closed the door and blew out the lanterns, then proceeded up the old rickety ladder leading me under my bed. Crawling out, sliding the rug vack into place I shook out my clothes and went back to bed to think.


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