What a depressing overcast, what a depressing monotonous mess. A small tavern named ‘rehy collies’ was boarded up for the duration of the quarantine our state leaders have imposed.

This tavern was usually bustling with thirsty workers and the like, now its just me and a bottle O’ jack. If the doors stay shut much longer, there is no way to revive this town icon— unless one could find help that is and that sources from strange places.

Places like the town hall which boasted a grand wall full of old and new photographs at the tavern, unbeknownst to the tavern caretaker the mayor was pressing for funds to save the tavern from bankruptcy

Once the hippie mailman delivered the letters to the townsfolk they all congregated over the agreed phone channel— tavern bartender included.

They shot the breeze until the sun creasend over the beautiful jagged peaked mountains, everything from well-being to happiness was revitalized. Furthermore the tavern was deemed a town necessity by vote through the state leaders.

3 months later the tavern reopened fully remodeled like it never shutdown.

This is a story of strength together, the strength of community. Sorry for the intermission i was researching and reading.

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