The Valdainian Tale

This is how it goes..

May the wind blow under your breath.

May the earth protect you no matter the veracity of the enemies.

May the fire bend to your will.

May the water guide you, may the water aid you.

You see son, you are part of this one of a kind group of magician’s.

But today is unlike days yore son..

You will not be trained instead, I need you on our boarders with me against the Lava tribe.

But father I’m merely a mortal boy, how does one know if he/she has powers?

That my son is an excellent question — flinging the boy over the edge.

AAHHH… wait I’m rising — now standing glowing full yellow, Tallows hands lifted and so did the water beneath encasing the boy in a sphere of water — father in awe of his sons power, not paying attention was blindside a furious ball of H20, flailing him into the masonry with a slam.

My son you see.. as he lain there breathless attempting to scrounge for his once rigid composure. Lookout!

Just then the two dodged a gigantic ball of magma, thanks to his fathers advanced speed

I will not stand for this attack on my tribal homeland, Tallow stated at the ledge of the cliff overlooking a massive obsidian structured magma propelled boat.

So what youngun, what are you going to do?

I call upon the goddess Alumia, I call upon Tridus the vardainian guardian of the 12 sea’s, to my will take this mighty fleet below the depths. Staff thud.

Oh no he has awoken the guardian of vardainia. BUT HOW?? it’s been centuries since one has wielded the sacred power.

A gigantic statue erupted from the sea, think of Roman soldier made of stone glowing red. Snooping from the right a tital wave formed just off the first ships bow.

On top of the outer boat, it sank and kept plowing sinking all boats except. Exynomos the leader of the magma people, from the boys mouth the staue spoke, LEAVE NOW AND NEVER RETURN it boomed.

Quickly the coward high tailed it ceasing the attack.

The teen collapsed, my son it aged you. Its a small price to pay father our homeland is safe.

This teen went on to be the king, and the greatest conquer to ever live… The End

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