The possum whom survived

It was a dark cold gusty night in Rosser canyon, down old interstate 69 was a returning ol farmer. Out of nowhere a baby possum caught his eye causing his foot to reflex into the break pedal with haste stopping the beat up farm truck.

Opening the decrepit door the farmer made his way towards the terrified possum to investigate. The poor thing was unharmed but scared, the farmer went back and fetched a chequerd blanket and wrapped the poor possum into a burrito then headed home.

At the farm house the Mrs’s came to greet him as always, realizing something was afray. “What is this Justin?”, “It’s a baby possum in need of a home I looked and looked but no momma nor babies were anywhere to he found.”

“Alright let’s get em inside.” She exclaimed as she swooped the baby possum from Justin.

Inside she took the baby and got the mother kittens smell on him, then tucked him in with the rest. After waiting awhile the mother accepted the baby.

From that day on we had a possumcat.

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