1962 Derrick, Niefield

1962 humanity was in mass hysteria, the streets of zelgar ravaged with riots. Humans against humans.

Derrick was a special ops officer with a good decade of time in his profession, just getting his final promotion and pay raise for his exemplary duty.

5:24 a.m, just 6 minutes before his normal waking hour he jolted upright to the noise of his telephone ringing in the hallway just 10 feet away. Stumbling a little trying to shake the morning cobwebs, making it to the phone by memory he yanked it off its base: “hello”,

“Yes Derrick Niefield please”,

“This is he, its early and my one day off what do you want!”,

“Only to inform you the wall has collapsed, and we have garrisons blocking the streets to keep the humanoid invaders out of the general population, we need you and now”,

His eyes well open at this point gazed out the big bay window of his upperclass apartment, it provides a scenic view of the wall. Its obviously not intact looks like someone’s been smuggling bombs.

Carter, activate protocol Yankee Charlie. Activation complete sir I am in your head how cozy. Yeah tell me about it.

At the garage below the gigantic skyscraper, Derrick hid an old combat tank from the last revolt. Alright Carter you know what I need you to do, Once the transfer is complete the tank will light up it may take me a moment these firewalls suck.

Ah-ha were in, good lets get moving, for sitting well over a decade its running quite smoothly, yes handles beautifully as always.

At the wall Derrick realized just what was happening and wasn’t going to let it happen again, rolling the tank backwards just enough to lock the tracks.

Pointing the barrel right for a mass of them charging in, with an ear piercing kaboom erupting from the pipe engulfing the group in flames. Alright Carter plasmatic rounds.

Using the plasmatic rounds Derrick made easy work of those humanoids attack.. he thought, DERRICK LOOKOUT. Huh oh crap as he disengaged the brake flooring it in reverse a ways more back locking again mid reverse jolting the tank.

giant humanoids you’ve gotta be kidding me , Carter I duely hope we have something more powerful! Yes sir we can use force rounds on them to knock em over like cow tippers.

Aiming for center of gravity Derrick began blasting the horde finding that 9nce they are down they can maneuver back up eaily. Very oppertune, Carter napalm!

Blasting the heap with a crap ton of napalm outta do it gahhhh he wailed as he mashed the fire button with haste.

Once the smoke settled there lay a heap of humanoid ashes, long story short they never tried that again.

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