Scott the almighty

A small little villages midst the beautiful lush forest, a dilidan by the name of Scott aided the chief in managing village trades and exploration. He was young and adventurous, one day his travels led him to the ruins of the village lyrda from the Great Vulcanic episode a few years ago.

Besides the skeletons it was a normal trek into the town centre, coming across a few cavars along the way easy enough. At the grand front door of the palace once in mint condition now lay in rot and ruin.

Inside was fairly normal no signs of a scurry or packing, the rooms that were shut stayed in great condition. Moving to the basement now, he lit a match and touched the wik of his lamp emitting light into the dank dark space.

Marching slowly and precariously down the hallway to a door emitting light through the crack of the door. Upon opening a look of shock painted across Scott’s face, pail white and his feet threatening to give out below him.

Walking inward on the floor some ritual placement, with a spiraling purple abyss in the middle. Books and scraps of paper adorn a nearby table, upon further inspection Scott discovered this portal was the start of his planets untimely demise, I must decode these texts to unlock the secret of the Lyrda portal.

Back in his hobble, Scott slowly pieced the mystery together on a sheet of thatch across his living room wall. Strangley a rhythmic knock came upon the door, opening it just a hair enough to see whom was making the racket.

“Mr. Scott?”,

“Yes this is he”,

“Hey looking worse for wear, and you haven’t been at work the past month everything ok?”,

“Yes I’m fine just preoccupied with a blustering world ending mystery”,

“Ah uh, alright well good day to you”.

Shutting the door, Scott melted down to the floor realizing this mystery wasn’t just any ol mystery he’s now caught in a strange paradox like some kind of curse he thought.

Returning to his thatched art work, it was finished. Bamboozled Scott slumped into his chair wondering how this blunder came about in a few minutes when he only got a quarter done in a month.

A little note that wasn’t in with the texts caught his eye, hmm he thought timing it way from the thatch and opening it.

Thank you for delving into this mystery and helping us, as a small token of gratitude I brought you to where I was before everything went south. Please crack this curse or not just lyrda will be destroyed

Puzzled Scott reexamined the board now that it was completed, this is the grey arts how could it be he pondered. Returning to the portal equipped with reversing magic and some strong herbs Scott returned to the site.

At the portal Scott prepared everything around him orderly, sat criss cross and began chanting.

To the gods of white magic, reverse this grey magic toxicity among this village cleanse it of evil. Cleanse it I command thy God almighty by the power bestowed in by the white magic priesthood of calvintine.

“GAHHH who are you I will not be disputed”, as the creature attempted to throw Scott into the wall.

The calvintine priesthood decided to aid in this fight against evil, a golden dust cloud entered Scott’s flying body causing him to jolt to a stop transferring morphing into a mythical white glowing gold armored, white feathered winged warrior.

“GAHHH and who are you?”,

I am the calvintine priesthoods knight and protector from evil such as yourself”, his booming voice echoed.

“GAHHH you will have to destroy me!”, as the portal morphed into a demonic knight glowing with fire.

The grey took the first swing at all mighty, just to inflict pain unto himself. All mighty returned with his sword of righteousness piercing the sword straight through the beasts chest causing him to evaporate.

Scott demorphed to himself dropping to the ground, a few hours later he came to. Everything was reverted back to normal, even he.

This epic and strange quest quenched the adventure thirsty youngster Scott for some time.

The end.

Copyright 2021 SvenDefono, all rights reserved.