Wall ‘O Death

We go about our bustling lives not knowing if “Armageddon” is here or not day in day out we live our lives, for most it doesn’t cross their mind but for some it may thought either way none the wiser.

Today I woke to my alarm for work the usual 9-5 office dwelling life, shuffled my way to the kitchen of my tiny home. I realized quickly that I was out of coffee which was a disaster for my morning routine already. When I got into my compact I drove to the shop for coffee.

Walking into the convenience store I was slapped in the face and sucked into the television suspended from the ceiling, on the screen was the local news station stating a sinkhole had opened far to close to my town for comfort.

Coming out of this hole was a strange gas, when one comes into contact with said gas he/she with begin to asphyxiate. Soon a giant storm of this stuff will be everywhere I pieced together in my not so awake brain that direly wants coffee.

Back home I ran back into my tiny home ensuring I seal the door behind me, thankfully I personally sealed this enclosure so I’ll be safe in here for now. Its small but not bad i built it to survive the worst I’ve always been a doomsday pepper myself.

I woke the next day to see a thick cloud like atmosphere outside through my porthole window next to my bed, I quickly began to check my tiny home for any air leaks also ensuring the shatterproof windows were indeed all locked tight, then opened the glass bay window in my living room with a remote clicker to see what’s going on.

Only to find a wall of death, solid white dense cloud now outside, the next day I woke to a clear morning strangley. With my morning brew I braved the outside to see if the coast was clear, even more strange I can breath fine.

I finished my brew and ventured outside to see what went down around town, ensuring to grab my air tank and respirator in case I get caught in the begging of the thickening. I have never seen my town so barren of.. everything living, I ventured to the shop to see if Cesar was there safe.

I finally arrived at Cesar’s shop it was unlocked so I opened it up and walked inside to find a dim empty shop. I gathered supplies into my bag as I’ll need them, then I proceeded with looking for Cesar with no prevail only a lifeless corpse of a once was Cesar.

Back at home I sealed the door once again and uploaded my supplies from this sack I purchased from salvation army, I was able to fit a lot of goods into the sack thankfully. I made myself a hamburger hash to eat then laid down to take my afternoon nap.

When I woke it was already a wall again so they must come in two to three hour intervals with a duration of seemingly 10 hours. I calculated then made myself some coffee. Without work I feel very odd but satisfied and a months worth of food and water.

On a spurt I decided to take my compact out of town as far as I can go on my half tank, so I loaded up everything I must have and set a timer to see how much time I have which currently is a few hours I believe and hope. I made it approximately 150 miles or so the timer has hit zero, nervous I began to look around at how unprotected I am.

I grabbed my respirator just in case, suddenly a wind picked up and off in the direction the wind was coming from there was a wall coming right for me. After a few minutes of suspense the fog hit my car and began engulfing it, I was terrified that I wouldn’t make it out. Then out of the blue my team was in full body suits pulling me out of the car and lugging me into our research van.

When I woke Jessica handed me a glass of water to wet my whistle, while Cass began spewing about all the crazy stuff happening around town. Back at the lab some 20 miles further up the road, I used the wash room tyen joined the crew in the briefing room.

Jessica had been briefing today while Cass provides the sideshow and some additional speech, after it was all said and done the main plan was to attempt to cover the gaping sinkhole. For this I took my land titan which was an old bus chopped and armored to the hills and fully sealed aswell.

I drove across the hanger to gather the two with supplies and we were off to hopefully save the world. At the hole it was extremely thick and doesn’t seem to subside so we’ll have to get into suits I thought out loud trying to hear my brain up for this.

We were outside the titan 1, before us lay a gaping gap straight into the earth some 150 miles or so downward. I assembled the bomb over the gap with enough explosives to level a skyscraper then healed it back to titan 1 and skidding off.

I counted down in my head as I had titan 1 matted trying to make distance though the countdown ended, the blast pushed titan 1 into a full barrel roll down a small rivein landing top first into a rock.

I came up cuaghing as dust was trapped all stirred up in this cabin, using my impact tool I was able to get the back loading doors open as a cloud of dust escaped before me. I placed hydraulic jacks under her frame to se if we can get her on 4rs again.

30 minutes later I was able to dislodge the titan from its would be grave and got it back on wheels. Back inside I checked on Jessica and Cass but they were still unconscious, this was it I thought as I attempted to crank the engine surprising it started I was amazed.

Back where the sinkhole was there was just a pile of rock filling it plus an added 3 foot deep crater. Back at the hanger I drove my little flatbed loading truck over to the back of titan to retrieve my friends.

According to my computer they will live just extremely bartered, well this was my tale of how Armageddon almost happened when I was about your age. I lectured my class then the bell rang signaling the end of the lecture.

Copyright 2021 SvenDefono, all rights reserved.