Tale Of Bebosas

Imagine a nice warm day in downtown Italy with all the delicious smells and bussling people scurrying about their busy days. Then imagine the boy who lived in an abandoned bell tower above bebosas bakery once used to signal fresh bread at 8a.m then soon retired as the company changed directions.

Anyway enough with my blabbering..

1885 Italy bebosas crossed the Great pond with his sond seiit, 1816 bebosas quit his bakery job and opened the first bread shop in his area boasting the freshest utmost decadent bread to all who seek it.

1887 rolls into sight bebosas sales are high, he sent seiit off to get an education at a good school and began putting more time into bebosas. Soon the bell tower was erected to tell the townsfolk when fresh bread is up, 3 taps was his signature people would come flocking in to feast on the decadent bread.

1893 seiit returns from school with a degree in business to help run bebosas bakery upward beside his father. This was squashed by the sudden death of his father in 1894 at age 67 cuase unknown seiit age 16 was torn the boy had used his father’s guidance to attempt to run bebosas through the next war.

He tried so hard to keep the doors open and bread flowing but in 1890 he went bankrupt and had to board it up for good. Luckily Italy won. Flash back 1911 italo-turkish war seiit now in his mid 20s had more experience and bebosas was legally his again. Now he set up a new bakery in Florence with money he had saved from odd jobs.

Bebosas was doing well had to hire a few employees to help keep up, received a telegraph that the soldier’s need more sustanace and with Italian agriculture getting modernized he could provide just that so he did.

Thanks to seiits degree in business and Italy undergoing massive modernization this was an ample time for seiit to make his debut.

1914 crumbled seiits monopoly of assets, only thing in one piece was bebosas because of the food it provided to those less fortunate.

1916 seiit was assassinated in his cottage just after midnight striking a dark cloud over Italy like a bad omen among an already tense nation.

As seiits will states the bakery and the recipes are handed to the government for safe keeping. Or so the people thought but it was rought with conspiracy as nobody wanted seiits death he was a noble man with goals for our community. He made a substantial impact for being an immigrant.

1918 the townsfolk tracked down the assassin dubbed han due to lack of information before he was decapitated on the royals front lawn. Outrage ensued until the release of medical documentation and the recipes.

They got there wishes and found the assassin hired by the last ruler not the current reining and let it go happy to have their favorite bread recipe in hand.

Quite alot one will do for a good loaf, much like a writer will do anything to dream up a wild tale for his readers to consume. For now that is all I have for you please do feel free to scroll around some of our epic tales.

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