The Mysterious Mansfield Mystery pt. 1

Willow Harthwood, May 26th,. I came into this chaotic world full of suffering and misery. I cried a lot as a baby, unfortunately more than normal babys much like other aspects of my life.

At age 12 my parents threw me into boarding school with other “misfit” students at a school far below the norm either nothing creepier than an old oil baron millionaires eerie castle. There I stood at the grand main doors made of mahogany with iron deco and fixtures built for a man of inhuman size it seems.

Our caretaker gave the burly door a shove, the door along with ages of dust flew into the house stirring more dust, forcing us to camp in the garden. Which by comparison wasn’t any better. Next daylight we began work on our new 5yr tenure home – – – We all feel this is a lie and that they would keep us on this island for eternity, like settlers we’ll clean and ready it in five years we’ll get more misfits – – – that’s just speculation so we’ve kept it from colender.

Whilst decrepit and musty we had to make this our home – – – they call us misfits for a purpose, that is we all have a unique set of abilities ranging from telepathy to time travel and much more to be discovered – – – I hated it for yeara but I’ve come to exept who I am and that is Willow the traveler.

Due to my inate ability to warp time around any room… or building, but it has sude effects, meaning when the field is in place I must be careful or it’ll suck me as dry as a turnip – – – metaphorically speaking drained of magic aura – – – which if i keep up on guided meditations I can keep a steady field for life which for us is 5× that of a normal human.

We we’re the product of a chemist gone biologist, crazy to fathom but true we were taken as babies then genetically modified. Any who we were talking about fields lets stay on track. There I sat on my meditation mat zoning into the sounds of the crickets the gentle wisp of the wind against the trees and stone architecture. It was magnificent feeling the house transitioning to a different time of less decay and harsh hatred.

I must have passed out somewhere along that path but upon coming to I was lying on the stone floor in a fetal position, but the field was stable. Nothing unnatural for me to pass out during it as it is like trying to power 4 cars on one car battery for a place this massive. I made my way down the narrow spiral staircase, noticing how unaged it seemed, back on the third floor the carpeting, drapes, decorations all there and pristine.

Everyone emerged from their respected rooms in great dumbfoundedness, rubbing their eyes to ensure they were awake. Then those awake eyes jutted straight at me as if they had many questions, I made my way the rest of the way down the great hall meeting in the middle and in flooded the questions. “ENOUGH!!” I belted in a tone thick with authority that zipped their traps and hands came up, “better” I gleefully smiled and pointed to the first hand, “What in gods name did you do Willow?” Alexander prodded. “I simply put a spell on the building which we reside, to make our own sanctuary.” I fulfilled Alexanders curiosity which made the pudgy boy scratch his head, “Willow how long have you had this.. ability?”, “Since birth sister like you.”, “What is going on.” Miffy muffled, “I gave us the home we deserved little brother.” “Now that all questions have been fulfilled lets find Colander.”

We all meandered down to the kitchen where we found Colander making breakfast and conversing with a stranger in a bowler hat until he senced we were in the doorway and urged us in to meet the mysterious fellow. “Kids meet Osterius the owner of this grand mansion.” I was dumbfounded this has never occurred I bolted for the door, outside I tried to find the time bubble around the house but it was nonexistent. Osterius came up beside me startling me a little, “So its you meddling in my bubble well now you see how I got here and not my original home where I vanished from some 200 years ago, the same room you performed it in I did to, I knocked you out in hopes it would end the ritual and you wouldn’t land in this alternate bubble we are now both in.”, I paused to absorb all the short bald bearded man had said,”Should we break it to them or just enjoy this wierd eternity.”, “I say leave it and lets go have breakfast.”

Back in the dinning room everyone was sitting eating pancakes bacon and eggs with cheese.


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