Secret in the Attic

They family wanted nothing more than a fresh start, but they got way more than they bargained for in the bang for their buck department – – –

Half past 3 the clock read, Lindsey was weary the house they recently bought for a steal, once was a brothel.. We don’t need to go into anymore details I’m surr you know. There was a gal her age that adored her and certainly wanted only to be friends, or much sinister plans like getting Lindsey into the attic for ‘play time’ sounds friendly no?

Lindsey thought no, calling her ‘creepy’ and furthermore ‘eerie’ which hurt the gal’s feelings only stoking the fire inside the lonesome restless spirit. Her father Henry was an avid carpenter looking at this house like a gem until he himself visited that attic, sealed off the door with a lavish wooden mural. Further provoking the attic.

Merriam her mother was a school therapist, the same school Lindsey attended to her dismay. Merriam stayed on the main floor no further, for she saw a nun and not a nice one either attempting to drown her inside her own clawfoot.

They indeed tried to call in a medium, priest and even the whoo-hoo guy claiming mystical god-hood. The medium took a few steps then ran for her life hyperventilating the whole way like she was faced with Satan himself. The priest made it to the third floor, while cleansing the top floor master he came out with his cross-pendant puncturing his shoulder blade. The whoo-hoo guy must’ve tingled the houses funny bone as the man has yet to return from the basement.

Whilst all attempts failed they still dwelled in the wicked house of horror, until one day Merriam was cooking breakfast alone in the kitchen, never having problems with cutting onions. She was a slicing and a dicing until the last stroke she went to drop the blade and something pushed her finger into its path, Merriam began screaming as her index finger dangles from a thread. Henry rushed onto the kitchen from outside, thankfully the window was open as Henry was in the wood shed crafting their lavish bed frame. At the E.R already explaining the events the doctor, Merriam received an all clear and there was no damage to the finger.

On the drive home they had a serious discussion about the house, “the house is worth it monetarily, but physiologically its definitely not Merriam,” “Henry if ypu get a bad feeling maybe we should pack up the van again and move on to something else, there are plenty of non-haunted fixer-upers.”, “You have a point Merriam, lets talk with Lindsey when we ger home.”

“Lindsey were home! We bought lunch sweetie.” Merriam called expecting a response. Not a whisp of noise from Lindsey to be heard, Merriam steps just out the door: “Henry did Lindsey go out today?”, “No.. Why?”, “I called for her inside and I got bo response.” Lindsey never did this sge was a well rounded kid but would never burden her parents with worry. It was dusk Lindsey’s curfew if she did sneak out she’d at least return before the sun traded the moon.

She did not return.. nor did the pair find anything upon the frantic search of every nook and cranny even tearing down the mural and searching the attic. “Shit Henry our daughter would never.. they heard footsteps outside the door, they froze to see if it by some chance it was their Lindsey.. but no. It was someone or… Something else entirely – – – maybe it was that physco nun Merriam pondered, Perhaps its that thing from the attic Henry wretched – – – Henry grasped the doorknob and gave the door a swift open only to find the moonlit hallway.

“Fudge on this crap, Merriam grab the gas cans from the shed I’ll start from the attic down. You check the rooms again as we go.”, “Alright Henry,” Merriam obeyed her husband’s wishes like she always had throughout thick and thin it has saved their family. The deed was done their daughter still not there anywhere, Henry lit his zippo and sparked a firecracker chucking it into the house. The house was engulfed in seconds.

There was a closed off well out front, nobody thought much of it until the house coughed up their daughter through it. Spitting amd spuddering she rose and immediately began balling. “I saw the unspeakable in there, you wouldn’t even know mom and dad..” Lindsey wrapped them both in a huge embrace.