Looming in the darkness

I woke to somebody looming over me with harmful intent, Next thing I feel is a sharp burning sensation in my chest.. then it went black.

24 hours earlier, I locked up the deadbolt to head off to work for the day. I worked as a call center representative making outbound calls to sell computer accessories, I worked my 9-5 shift plus 3 hours of overtime then returned to my small flat just off the terrace.

I had made chicken and rice for dinner, sitting over the table enjoying my scrumptious feast, a tap tap tap rhythmically across the window. I jumped as I believed I was alone, whipping around to look at the window behind me there was nobody not even a breeze to push the tree its just in my head I thought as I returned to eating the rest of my meal. I meandered up the stairs of my two story flat to my bathroom to brush then ventured to my bed adjacent. A ruffling in the bushes creeping up the side of the house I thought bolt upright like a radar, It must be just the wind I settled back in only to wake reliving last night’s dream the eerie tall man looming above me with his thick heavy breaths he exhaled, I felt the blades warm tingle as it entered then it went black.. I woke to the doctor on top of me attempting resuscitation, once they realized I was breathing they gave me oxygen, I struggled to remain conscious but for my good I did my best the light wasn’t getting me today noway not yet.

When I woke again there were 2 cops questioning the doctor and my roommate whom I lived with for 2 years, they came over and tapped my shoulder to see if I was coherent, It was beary I tell you look at his hand its stained from where he impaled me. The cops turned back to see nobody there.. beary ran I gasped before I passed back out, when I woke again it was dark exept for the monitoring equipment. In the shadow’s I saw the same figure, Oooo Dan you couldn’t just keep your mouth shut and live but now I’ll have to really punish you no more games this time I will finish you.. the figure attempted to impale my abdomen but I somehow was able to roll off my bed and stand, with a scalpal tucked against my right side when he charged me I dug that sucker as deep into him as he did I. He dropped lifeless as the nurse’s came charging, when they turned on the lights it was that scum beary all along.

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