Dark Heart) =High-Order= Pt.1

It was a dark gloomy year in the small village of crasp, the leader. Once the most revered men of his post none of the other three clans dared attempt a seige of the village of the rich and successful miners and warriors of all breeds as guards. One rainy day on the 118th day of spring, the king fell fatally I’ll, and with the quad clan meeting for an alliance better yet it was the day we were intending to sign the peace treaty so we could begin work on trade routes. The kings seat of the government was just below that of the overlord of yukashi the native southern continent we reside on. Just below he was the mistress of magic, she was the one who casted a curse on the High King taking form of pneumonia. He rose from his bed asking his maids for a hand down to the meeting hall, when he came barging through the giant wooden door into the chamber everyone stool in freight especially the mistress of magic whom had a look shock. What are you doing here High King I was told by the mistress you were deathly ill. I told you Overlord she is trying to kill me and take my throne to curse this land with death and destruction, Blasphemy my wife would never! Shut up right now!, the maid hollered I have been tending to the king since he took the crown I know she did this. I was waking through the halls late the other night for a water, I walked past her quarters and I could hear her casting witchery within these vary walls your majesty. You what!!! In my castle how dare you, his staff connected with the floor sending the witch into a coma where he examined her memories, I see now young maid we need a new mistress as the prior is now the dust you will have the other maids clean come to me. For saving the High Kings life you are my new mistress, please choose your royal ability. I I umm.. For the yukashian people I would love the ability to grow vast crops and restore many rivers of old. That is the pure heart of gold the throne has requested now the holy regimen is complete. Everyone you included High King sit on your thrones beside I the overload of yukashi, I call upon the gods and goddesses of yukashi I call upon you to wed this maid into our arms of loyalty may her heart of gold pour into the land of yukashi, gift her with thy wish let her serve yukashi for eternity or slaughter. The thrones lit with orange flame it went for a few minutes then it faded off, the maid was now in a suit of blue armor like us, but hers had a crop and wave emblem while mine was a sword, the lords was a mage. Yukamo stepped out the exterior balcony doors overlooking yukashi, she lifted the staff then jabbed it against the stone sending blue waves rippling around it like water. The ancient lake and rivers were dried up by poisen the dark heart years before, it was like a refreshing blast of water as she brought her other hand from hip to the sky curling it into a fist water began flooding the nearby great yukashian lake with fresh water, we watched while the rivers filled with water once more. The lush forest began to grow once more, baren crops of old flourished to ripe fresh food. After everything returned to normal her blue aura faded as her hand came back down, she looked over at us with her sea blue eyes nodded then went back inside. The mage and warrior stood in awe of the returned beauty they thought once lost, the lord broke the silence I always smelled loyal blood in her as she was my daughter I new she would be compatable but tapping into the castles power source like that.. it was sheer impressive. I concur my lord she was what the prophecy fortold in my slumber, that’s why even on deaths doorstep had her help me down here. I merit you on that ukani that is why you are my right hand, Sir the four clans have gathered outside the gate should we open it now. Yes guardmaster open them wide and leave them, I.. Yes sir right away. Let’s go drink and celebrate with the clans of many around.

What will unfold next, readers of this tale contribute to the story in the comments or via email. Until part two.

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