Kataliona) =High-Order= Pt.3

Prologue:   HK made it to the ancient cavern beholding Kataliona, the goddess of terra. She emerged out of the pond of goo starstricking HK with blunder, he must mind words but none are coming out..

Uh.. yes yes Kataliona I summoned you today to help with something very grave, as he dropped to a bow at her feet, “Where is your armor High King?,” I sacrificed it to get the key.. to save the fountain of eternal magic. “Don’t fret HK this won’t hurt,” as she began twirling her staff counterclockwise he became engulfed on a purple sphere, minutes passed as she released him to the floor gently with a new improved set of digs. I don’t know what to say Kata… she interrupted “Just call me Kat HK,” as she jutted out an arm to help him to his feet, “Let’s make them cultists pay for their high crimes.”

Feeding off Kat gave HK back his abilities so long as he stays close with her, he pondered as they arrived at the top of the cliff, she rushed over to Mr. Mech “he’s alive but barley he’s lost a lot of blood,” she rested both hands in a cpr position on the man’s chest pulsing a purple aura around his veins healing his wounds. Mech snapped up breathing heavily, “THE POND IS IY SAFE,” he screamed realizing Kat was back, “Kat, HK? What is going on I was alone just moments ago.”, “You are alive and safe,” they stereo responded. The elder man staggered to his feet realizing the intruders have stolen the amulet, “Wait I don’t have the amulet, they must have stolen it from me while I was knocked out.” HK struck a thinking pose trying to map out the best outcome scenario of entering the ancient cripts, “I speculate if we..” Kat shook him off,  “No speculation I have a plan, we need to shut down the fountain before they can taint the whole supply. HK you take the upper levy lever, Mech you take the crawlspace level, I’ll take the final switch here in the middle.” They dispuresed knowing the plan, with each lever deactivated a series of grinds and groans followed a dead stop of all the ancient systems dropping the giant stone wall blocking off the cripts,”you see I oversaw the construction of this ancient palace, now that they are in there we can flood the cript with Goltar or as you call it purple ooz, ” as she pulled the lever disguised behind foliage. It was only a minute or so later screams came from the other side ad they were attempting to smash the door down without success, they drowned in Goltar…

With here duties done Kat dissolved back into Goltar returning through the cracks, the ancient structure began spinning again as the fountain spewed Gultar once again it felt revitalizing. Back at Crasp the palace had been completely destroyed along with most of the city, bodies piled the streets it was in ruins.. Prosperity fell onto a nearby bench crying over the condition of her homeland, her tears fell then the rain fell, time began warping again this time backwards before the awakening of the cult that history of crasp will no longer be burdened by. For that the ancient tomes have been told, Tommy has been in the ancient library for far to long now he must return home…

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