Tommy) =High-Order= Pt.4

Tommy was HK’s 3rd descendent blessed only with the family intelegence, — Crasp was now a modern city like New York, just outside of New Jersey. — Now it runs off a democratic political system, with his royal blood Tommy was determined to make it to the hot seat of govener. And save Crasp from the greed that plaques the streets making them less than hospitable enacting a curfew to lessen crime.. only to aggregate more of it in greater abundance. As a 20 year old ecto-mesomorph stacked mountain of muscle, akin to Schwartzinager he had short styled to the left blonde hair, and a chiseled face with a jawline of stone and dazzling blue eyes.

It was late one night Tommy was returning from a political science class near the downtown rugged crime ridden streets where thugs patrolled nightly, never bothering him before he rode through like normal only to be throat checked by some stone crap house of a convict wearing skin tight leather apparel. “Give me everything punk!” The bald man shouted, Tommy used his mma training from high school reminding himself he can do this with a clear conscious as the man assaulted him first. Finnaly it was midnight but he returned to his parent’s house uptown a ways, only to walk into his mother and father disputing over Tommy – – – Not something you want to stumble into, – – – “Oh Tommy hello didn’t realize you were out this late, what was holding you? You look like crap dude,” His dad pointed at him and observed. “I got in a fight with a band of thugs, they wanted valuables but I had none still they wanted to pound me.. I wanted to achieve a clear conscious but instead I have made a blunder for myself,” Tommy put his hands in the air,    “Tommy, you did what was right honey don’t let those fools get you down, I’m glad your alright that’s all that matters now go up and get cleaned up.” Tommy’s mom patted his back and smiled & empathised as she shooed him up the stairs.  She shot a glare of discust the father’s way tossing him a pillow and blanket from the adjacent closet, “Goodnight Thomas.” She scorned throwing her hands up and tromped up the stairs to her bedroom across the second floor landing, only to be abruptly stopped by Tommy for hug. “Goodnight mom sleep well.” Tommy patted his mom’s back gently.

It was finals today, Tommy reminded himself as he wrote his essay. I must pass so I can make a difference in Crasp like the ancient Leomond family always has, this time Crasp needs a modern day predecessor someone who carries the blood of the very man who made this entire life possible. Mr. Echmen disrupted his thought train hollering for the finals to be submitted, Tommy submitted his papers with anxious apprehension, a torturous hour later of listening to the clock tick and the occasional turning of a page from Ech, finnaly he broke the silent torture, “Grades are in, the top scorers were: Tommy, Amalia, Percy and Mandie. Those who were not named off you have not passed and need an additional class, come see me after the bell rings.” Echmen dismissed. Finnaly my masters in political science has been completed now to study up on running for mayor, this is going to be the best/worst part since he is such a young man, – – – though HK took king before he was even 18 years old, – – –

It took two solid months worth of debates but his silver tongue ruled over his competitors, and the victory was his a last. With this new duty to Crasp he may now complete his life’s mission, with the help of the ancient tomes he spent years studying Tommy felt ready to tackle this hometown problem and bring the community back together again and saving Crasp from internal destruction like many years before just a more modern problem. He was inaugurated the next day in a fancy ball room, inside the very same castle HK called home decades before it was all like a dream come true he was utterly awestruck lost in a daze reminiscing, just as quick snapped out of it as his assistant called for him in the adjacent room. “This will be your office Tom! Overlooking the Crasp capital moreso exiting the rivers that flow around all sides,” Vel cheered exitibly. “Great, I’m going to get aquinted with my duties can you ensure the party goes as planned then send everyone off?” Tommy asked Vel with a smile, pointing at the bookcases of knowledge he was frothing to read, “why sure of course I will,” as she waved & shut the wooden door behind her. Tommy went delved through every document and book in his office to ensure he doesn’t miss anything that he may need later. The main problem in Crasp in the economy Tommy was focusing his eyes on this first but to do that he needs a new branch, he coined ‘The Monetary Division Of Crasp’ or ‘TMDOC’ for short this would be comprised of 6 master economists to work out a better financial path, Tommy signed the document he drafted then skimmed it to ensure it was correct. Dropping it in his, to be considered wire basket on his mahogany great desk.

Tom got quickly acustmoed to his role just like HK did as a youngun, Crasp was once again thriving, as it once had you could feel the castle coming back to life, the mistresses blessing of the land began returning once more, everything was back in order, he thought. All this work only to find out you have a democratic bullseye on your back. They are not happy it’s thriving and they are out for greed afterall. Crasp was one of the richest county’s, they wanted their cake and eat it too. A typical behavior, Tom hadn’t left his bulletproof office and restricted to visitation to only Kin, this is how he spent the last year of his post, cementing in vital systems for crasp, eternally adding a bullseye to his back. But he did not fret this one minute his lifeblood is crasp he will never stop doing what is right for his people.

Almost a year after he left office he had opened a food pantry for the poor, and built a shelter for the homeless with programs to help get them back on track with necessary skills, with a solid year running Crasp saw a drastic change in the employment rates and economic prosperity once again. Tom even lived a happy life, Crasp is a safe home for his Kin once again..

Now he must return to the Goltar so nobody can take his spirit but Crasp, the old caverns were closed off centuries ago by the fretted citizens, but there was a cave near the pier where you could still get inside relatively easily. Tom ascended the shifty  rock face 15ft into the mouth, inside he turned on his flashlight beaming it forward so he could see the path long since forgotten, he reached the hole at the top of the caverns he had to plunge into Goltar to make it down. Sopping wet with Goltar, Tom perservered the lead weights he could feel dragging him down, finnaly at Kat’s and the other royals burial tomb, he descended the stairs into the Goltar chanting the ancient burial ritual that all the others went through so his soul stays in crasp to defend it forever. Tom was at last in peace, surrounded by the fellowship of guardians it was like a throne room but bigger through a sphere on the wall he could see all of crasp like they could. The ancient tomes were not lying nor forged since he was here now, “Welcome to the guardians tomb Tommy, you have been granted access because you saved Crasp from corruption, now take a seat beside me we’ll watch over the people together!” HK cheered over a new person to talk too.

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