Frosty Day In Crasp =High-Order= Embedded Naritve

It was a frosty day in Crasp, HK, and the others we’re warming up next to a big bonfire with warm cider and pork roast with mash potatoes. As it was Christmas eve everyone was having a jolly good time stuffing goodies and dinner over talks of travels and legends of Crasp, this homeland has many generations of; travelers, sorcerers, dragons, the warrior’s the list goes on but this rich lore keeps newcomers coming. HK at his 7ft statue crowned the tree with the star while the others were decorating each limb with shiny ornaments with a touch of magic came the colorful wonder of a tree standing 7ft tall boasting a wide canvas for decoration it took 4 burly men to haul it home. Nonetheless a happy Christmas season around Crasp the villagers make it a point to always decorate the town with intense imagination leading to a whimsical design overall bringing delight at each sight indeed, for the first time all the clans have come together out in the field with a bonfire providing a feast and cider for all.

It all came crashing down when rebels were strolling by deciding to drop in with news of a violent snowstorm heading straight our way, HK glanced up at the sky only to find why they were dodging. Nature decided she wanted to make her presence known, thunder clapped in the sky with violent force sending waves of booms adding more pep in everyone’s step to the castle, latching the big wooden doors behind them with a thud.
“Nothing to fear we have the situation under control,” HK reassured the frightful villagers.
“Nothing to fear??”
The storm blew in we could hear the hail clinking and clanking off the castle walls, for a moment then it was complete silence beyond the hurricane-force gale outside beating on the door.
Curiosity overcame HK, as to what was happening outside the fortified castle so he ventured off to go up to the fourth story balcony. Peering off from the fourth-floor balcony to see big waves of deep drifts up to the third floor, affirming his concerns he ventured back inside to the fireplace everyone else was huddled by downstairs.
“I just surveyed the land outside.. well the best outlook is were all in one place good and safe despite being in an igloo of unknown durability.” HK broke the silent stare at the fire,
“Yeah well.. you see I’m the Mason around here and I’m telling you these walls will hold, this castle has been here for generations unlike the castle on the bluff which the snow has probably already filled in the husk of a crispy once cozy home,” he said with an infectious hope
” Well how about a game of Craspian Arms! ” HK jollied holding out a deck of cards with the Craspian crest on the back of the cards.
—This crest was unique, from the coat of arms of Ghana which was designed by Ghanaian artist Paul Ohene Baidoo joyously introduced on 4 March 1957. “coat of arms” consists of several parts: the shield, the mantling, the helm, the wreath, charges, and the crest (note that not all arms have crests); The shield was of ordinary geometry: was half red saw-toothed pattern merging into the other half which was silver, with a king’s golden royal helmet at the top surrounded with maroon-green torsing, a white elder wolf was the charging at the center and reindeer for supporters, the compartment was made up of snow which covered most of Crasp 98% of the year finally the motto. “Dream, explore, discover.
United in strife, together in peace.
The land we desire.
Live long and die free.
Beyond the skies, we rise.
The beacon in the darkness, light of hope.
Love, friendship, and brotherhood.
Pride, honor, justice.
Power, progress, peace.
Righteous in duty.— HK described the banner on the wall.

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