EVH Race Against The Clock

   2056 it finnaly happened. The earth has began to mount efforts to wipe humanity off the face of the planet. In these efforts to defend the last morsel of her finite reasourses, the globe was scattered with tropical storms, magnitude 10.0 earthquakes, tornadoes the size of Manhattan and more. She’s mad, as an environmental scientist I am too.. but I believe there is a way to reverse course and with any luck we may be able to revert the damage done thus far, moreso for the future generations. It was a normal 9-5 day, the same old bland office.. same old generic ikea desk the boss chiefly haphazardly put together. That’s when the earthquake hit us it was terrifying coming from a guy used to the casual quake. Heck everything is bolted down for this reason, but this time was different as in this is the new world record and I’m right smack dab in the middle of it.. air raid sirens began blaring I raced down the 4 flights of stairs to the lobby as the elevator was inoperable you could hear someone inside panicking rather ironic is it not. Looking to the sky you could see a darker tinge than during a normal rain cloud, this cloud dusted volcanic ash that turned Manhattan’s busling streets into a mad house that peace officers struggled to containe. We got smart fast before we could not leave anymore, swiftly we packed the car in accordance to the emergency preparedness list; food, water, shelter and transportation. The route trails us down a unkept dirt road behind the main office nestled in the corner edge of town — think of New York but the biggest most lavish buildings were in the center most circle spaning 50-60 hectares, each pinnacle of the circle had a four lane road headingu out and in, with water filling the outer circle like a mote. The biggest outermost square was the commonwealth, where mostly working class folk resided. Also where we made our hastey escape while the stuck up rot in their safe rooms. — Finnaly it was dusk, we made it to our cabin in the woods the two of us built last summer to get away from the big city in short bursts so we can continue our day jobs; I was a civil engineer while meranda was a mechanical engineer. It was rudementery as it was not intended for long-term use. We did some outfitting of all the windows with the spare sheets of wood we had lying around, this will hopefully prevent any light going out and or in. We made it to morning where we decided to hunker down for another day, as outside was a lot of noisy confusion between big bombs moreso people screaming from sheer agony. The cabin shook violently a few times that day so much so the next just blended in, while finnaly the third was quiet we snuck a peek outside to see everything well war torn. The very in-human abominations they created below their white bread city of uppety rich folk — somehow believing that their walls of stone and doors of steel would hold these creatures, uteral baffonery,—now they have attoned for their sins, not fully though as I surmise the creator himself still has plans for all the innocent lives lost. Now we must learn to kill whatever is roaming the landscape.. hopefully they can’t breed. The suburban stopped with protest as we witnessed the creatures heard mentality, “well this sucks,” Merenda gruffed with disappointment. I responded with a steady sigh throwing the four-wheel drive on then hastily dropping it into drive, with a few light feathers you could here the horses singing — quite a bute she is, 2005 chevy suburban kitted out with a 2 inch lift kit fat meaty tires and most of all, a bullbar custom fitted to the frame with supports to further bolster the crumple zone.— The tires wailed as smoke billowed from the cooking tires taking off like a dragon blasting fire, tanking the yard thick horde of creatures they made in-describable moans as they collided with the car, how do some people get a thrill out of running bodies over it is a sound that makes one internally ill. We made it through unscathed, unfortunately for the suburban it now adorns blood and gore over every square inch nonetheless she’s still puring like a kitten… not so bad of a $35,000 dollar investment huh merenda, “don’t jab me about the past you little beezy, I am frugal it seemed irrational at the time.” This is why I married you all those years ago you know, that personality of yours is pure platinum not to mention that mystifying cranium of knowledge and puns you carry, “samelike Tom,” Back at their base cabin this time loaded with supplies from the city outskirts, the inner sections are still well to crowded but reasourse rich. We’ll be alright for another 4 months hopefully when we surface again they will have dispuresed, Tom stated as he finished covering the burban. Merenda installed a descrete solar grid atop the surrounding tree coverage to trickle power back into the earthen cabin, since it was fall it was chilly though using the fireplace is a dead giveaway after the wind blew off the smoke dispurser. With power our little energy titan heater keeps the earth cabin toasty at a measly expendeture of 8% drain after 8 hours of use, samelike the stove used only 15% per hour of use and we gain 100% recharge every mid-day. Tom used the remainder of the power band to build a full fledged monitoring machine from various electrical components he scavenged from downed Zeo Bots and the like. Pretty much whatever worked he used readily. Since the last wave had a precursor earthquake, we want to keep an eye on that closely we decided that perhaps if we make it to the weather center we could perhaps disengage whatever is imbalanced, we’re thinking the poles are a skew. If we saty we die if we go we have a chance, nonetheless humanity feels in our hands.. somehow the ash didn’t infect our minds to a meat shell like everyone else roaming the streets now. We even drove past the once madam president, as we drew closer to the capital center the roads we’re blocked by traffic so we had to go on foot. It took use far longer but we arrived at the weather center after a long grueling hike through mindless drones covered in manuer to cover our living smell. Inside the backup generator was offline, merenda insisted she handle the power while I figure out how to adjust the planet back into balance. Merenda radioed she successfully was able to repair the generators, now making haste back to the control room to help. I am not sure what to do even with the power online it sunk in that somebody intentionally threw it off then destroyed the controls in hopes we could not restore it. Instead of wallowing in self pity I waited for Merenda to arrive, when she did she had the look of shock like when you get a gift you really wanted kind of look. She began disassembleling the consoles. Luckily they are models of her design so she was able to figure out what caused the outage, only to find a small capsule containing an EMP from the Vel camp of electronic quakes. After it’s removal the system regained power but barely it had that tinge of metallic smell that you get from numerous electronical malfunctions, launching the troposphere stimulator took 99% of the 200% maximum load on the backup power leaving us only half an hour to complete the process. Tom stood there for a moment just trying to process the amount of information Merenda offloaded. Well it’ll be tight but we can do this, as I tightly gripped the atmospheric accelerator pushing it slowly downward while Merenda gradually adjusted the poles until they found harmony once again, while Tom got the planatary speed under control. That’s when.. the alarm sounded, the air raid sirens roared. We looked to the sky from the wrap around decking only to see Earth colliding with our own moon. Oh no that’s not harmony Merenda what is happening? I’m not sure I only did a year of environmental science as an undergraduate, well we tried. As we watched the catastrophe, we noticed a red figure laser cutting the asteroids. Utilizing my handy binoculars I saw a man with no jetpack nor special air equipment, just a metal suit and helmet with a red stone glowing under his chestplate. It all unfolded so fast I could only process half of what just went down. They disappeared back into the moon with it completely together, like a puzzle master completing a 5000 piece in 5 minutes.

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