Inner Workings

Hubert has a strange tale.. about his encounter with his inner mind, where he takes a crash course of his own personality. Ever thought of your body as having little workers inside using your veins like highways or your heart as a ballroom?

It all began in his 30’s when he had the bright idea to confining himself in a noiseless room, pitch black forcing him to retreat deep into his mind while he slept. A place many thought visited before, nonetheless there is more in here. To enter the space between conscious and sub-conscious, the observatory aka brain of the mechanism hidden inside, around him was a modest waiting room with splashes of blue and green dotted about the decorations and plenty of wack architecture. Leading Hubert to believe his inner ceo was a tad on the eccentric side, ding snapping him out of his mindless gaze at mural painting on the wall of the Ceo in a polka dot suit. “I am ready to see Hubert now.” the intercom crackled, well.. he thought this is it the time to face my own inner ego, I can only wonder. I studied, awkward silence waffed around stealing any meaningful conversation, “Are you causing my observation view. to be skewed, you are not supposed to be here you know but ancient rules never stipulated anything forbid you coming here on your own free will,” The observer’s gruffy tone rippled through the air. “I was curious what that unused mental space was for, I journeyed here through many tomes,” Hubert’s voice spoke with light harmony. The grumpy man sent me with his assistant to show me around; We began at the heart or what they like to call the polka dot casino where we played against polka with dots.. I lost, next we took the elevator down to the ‘guts’ of the operation. A long hallway with windows depicting what I ate.. no more detail needed, last was the legs where they have communities of little cell-people busling around crowded riverways I also found a chess stand daring me to a game, one of my favorites. When we took the elevator back up to the helm I was awoken suddenly bolt upright patting myself down to ensure I was intact, indeed I was fine besides my heart doing the Olympics – – – little did Hubert know we we’re partying – – – good thing nobody will believe him anyway.

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