The Bibilonians

The biblionians part one, will Bibilonia survive the coming apocalypse

The biblionians, a specie of insaciable readers, they resided in libraries underground for centuries. These libraries were massive catacombs of shelves and books with elevator platforms extending all the way to the 11ft ceilings, everything gathered from early humans to an archive of everything on earth. That way when something forien ends up on their terra they would know.

This in depth story we go back to the prehistoric days yore when humanity had to conquer dinos just to get some fresh air. It all began when king Volt decided he wanted their history scribed, it took him years to deem a worthy apprentice whom will follow him every day. Scott landed the apprenticeship after submitting his memoir on a whim looking for work as the print shop recently laid off a bunch of writers to take a larger cut for themselves.’I don’t even know how I got here’ Scott fretted at his royal inauguration behind the curtain minutes to debut of the winner. Pacing a hole in the floor as the king mentioned his name snapping him out of his subconscious mind. On the stand he stood gazing out to the sea of biblionians, “Do you vow to serve your king though trial to sedate whatever it takes?” ‘Yes of course’ as he began writing what he never thought would make history, let alone make it into a legend. But he did indeed do just that. We moved swiftly across the plains to the next library in the desert, we saw nothing until we crossed the biome boundary line, that’s when we were surrounded by sandtilins – – – little dinos equipped to survive in the desert for months. They are only 1.5 feet small beige for camo, they click with their tongues to talk, some can actually talk like the gatekeeper of the hidden underground library of magic arts. – – – When we parked among the other dust crafts in the dark ominous hanger bay, making way forward they realized the main catacombs door was stuck in between closing and opening, exposed wires sent sparks flying through the dark smokey environment with only red emergency lights as a guide, forward into the main chamber they went looking for the zealian prince. The man who mysteriously disappeared from the frost community 7 days ago. As the itch told me, the man resided in the chamber of medicine – – – he must be ill – – – King Mar pondered as he entered great sword drawn from its massive sheath on his back. To find the intruder injured above him, he chuckled before entering fully knowing the man was ready to pounce once he did, he chuckled softly dropping to the floor gracefully. “Ahh it is thy Volt returning to remove me hmm?”, “You have no idea what you have caused by discracing this holy place you bafoon, your black aura has misguided you brother, a sorry puppet I should have put to the sword years before now.” The burly 6’5 Enhuman with arms the size of the average thigh, he removed the intruders head to restore sacred order. ” Thank you Master Volt I couldn’t reason with him.. “It is quite alright do not sweat it young Scholarly Earth mage, he will be a tick no longer. As he trudged away hastily back powered by magical aura canisters better than past fossil fuels that grappled humanity to dust nor were they quite as effective but humanity had to learn this. Again he looped time and time again not realizing he was stuck in a time loop and unable to pass on so he relives his last 24 hours on replay, what really happened. He executed the fellow causing an explosion of unknown cause exept protection magic. Nonetheless the library was critical, all inhabitants had to be evacuated the desert library, except not all made it out. In saying all but one survived that one was king Mar himself. Now he remains as a statue outside the remodeled library with a plack stating — In memory of king Mar the third we rebuilt the library of magic arts using his vast intellectual mind, and redesigned tabloids for reading and AR spells for casting experience. — I’d say that sums up the journey for now Hew, sleep tight as you’ve got big boots to fill someday… PT2:

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