This part was 300 years post part one, Scott explained to Hew the history of the Bibilonians. Now he invites you back to follow his dialouge of leadership, and newfound prosperity around Bibilonia. Years down the line after the mass extinction, earth began to cool again. Bibilonians came alive from their catacombs of saftey out to a harsh disaster zone of a planet they once could identify but no longer.

They had decided to retreat back to the catacombs for many more years, arising from our hideout we saw blue vibrant sky once again but the terra still scarred by cooled magma.. dawning on them the dinos were gone. Hew is new to this thankfully he can quite possibly grow up without those wretched four legged beasts stomping all over it. Scott smiled alongside Hew overlooking the sunrise again. Though the planet needed some work they were happy to be alive considering, though it appears the royal library has been completely obliterated. Sending a momentary stir among the members of the meeting. Another patriach is needed direly as Z kept a top-down heirchy, the only other royaly inaugurated person is well by slim chances.. me. I followed the same style as Z, I was beside him everyday for 150 years surprisingly without going bonkers, I learned how Bibilonia is so great why Bibilonians were so supportive of the system that was in place. It is effective, simple and relatively stress free for all parties. In fact we agreed a pact between all Bibilonians to come together and rebuild Bibilonia into something greater, first of a kind for humanity. An above ground city with waterways and big taverns.

It took all libraries coming together but, 100 years forward we have finally built some resemblance of our vision on a finite patch of green soil. It was small but habitable for only 150 Bibilonians counting me and Hew. Generations down the line found a way to begin removing and recycling the volcanic rock for better pathways, we had seeds from the library planting crops invoked food innovation. I founded my tavern after trial and erroring the brewing process, well I would say more my cooking skills but grandma thoughtfully pitched in crafting the menu. Reading all books of the great minds of Bibilonians yore, we rebuilt the water system firstly. After that we had an industrial age so to speak everything blew up economy wise. Holding the annual Bibilonia Gladiator Games to source worthy knights to keep the community at peace, everything was working out well. Especially since Z had made a glorious comeback from dead day, trudging into town with armor torn to pieces burn scars canvassed flesh. ‘I your mighty king has returned, who is in charge?’ he gruffly interrogated, ‘It’s alright my king it is me Scott welcome home your majesty, let’s get you cleaned up you seriously look like crap’. Scott turned to make way into the castle, checking back every so often at the beat up patriach pondering how he survived, After all he was fairly drained after the last game sending him through magic drought. Z appeared later fully restored chilling in his jammies and robe drinking the finest Bibilonia Ail, “thank you for holding down the fort Scott, I had to break through the thick magma that encapsulated the royal archives. Mind you damage there is minimal just toasty,” Z elaborated gazing at the ceiling coordinating his hands like a puppeteer telling a tale. ‘Good, any others or just you?’ Scott queried pryingly with a quirk in his brow, ‘Yes all are down there we just can’t reach them until the magma cools’ Z sighed. ‘Well the city is in good order Sir, We even have coins with your face as the print,’ that is splendid he gazed upon the round Shiney golden coin, inscribed with ‘in books we trust’ – what have you not done Scott? This is the blueprint of my vision you have exelled what I thought of you, once again. I’d say first we should add to the village by putting in a few key industries to help along the growth spurt, such as a Smith perhaps an inn or two for wayward travelers.. I already run a tavern down town, are you game with dropping a few pints over some dumpling soup? “Sounds splendid Scott it will allow me to walk the streets and figure out just where I am exactly,” The enhuman scratched his bushy beared with perplexity. The two dined and drank into the late night catching up the last 200 or so years between, the next morning we came out of our stupors on the cold tile floor of the palace foyer, a man was at the door with a paper reading ‘I am the prince of the frost tribe, the one you thought you slain. Fret not no grudges exept that you took my prized head and I’ll want that back, wait till you see the headless frostman.‘ how is this bloke still alive?? Z roared petrifying Scott to a pale white color. He was in the chamber of healing magic after the whole spell thing you were MIA we figured you’d been buried below, “It was more like thrown to oblivion but I like yours better, it’s harsh beyond the frost boundary negative 20 and below.” shuddering at the very utterance of his journey back. The annual book a thon was a foot quite merrily, the town center with a big fountain had book stands all around it selling tomes of old and new. The new street lamps the Smith made are stunning with the wrought iron art work, they are Wik and oil based providing great light at night, paired with dark cherry oak benches below every other lamp or two. As tradition the event ended at 12 O’clock, we moved to the palaces great dining hall, one big room decorated with blue walls, 2 walls looking in had 2 giant windows each bedazzled light green curtains with gold lacing. The floors were oak along with the cherry stained oak rectangle great table that could seat 10000 Bibilonians, the middle boasted a rought iron chandelier with elegant book decorations dotted throughout the 20 light bahemoth. The chefs brought in the dishes; roll cooked pork, rice and beans, mashed potatoes, potatoe salad, cornbread and biscuits. A feast they had indeed after they all had full bellies it was a funny feat to get down the two flights of stairs outside.. the architect must have had a twisted sense of humor. The next day was bright and clear, perfect for the unveiling of the magic arts academy that has been being built for a few years now, it boasts 35 classrooms on the main floor, those will be for casting arts and basic incantations (elementary school for these kids). The second floor has the same amount of rooms but it is for more advanced spells similar to junior high schoolers, for the third level it covers deeper magical topics on a high school level. They did more book study than any other and our grade lengths are usually 4 to 5 years each. We spend a lot of time studying we pride ourselves in graduating it was a true milestone (25 years).

The village has everything it needs for now, now we may roam again, to find the next adventure beyond. So one day we may settle down and build a Collage to be sorcer masters for the rest of eternity. The men clinked their pints and down they went, a momentous day indeed. A young wizard barged in, masters we need you down at the training grounds we have a student that is using dark magic, those very words brought the men to their feet and out the door, – – – flashing back to the training grounds when they were young wizards. It was track day they both were training to beat each other in the acre sprint, I won despite Zs giant legs that seemingly slowed him down just enough so my smaller athletic build could glide. – – – Finally at the schools training grounds half way across town we saw the young wizard with a rotten necromancer “What is this!” Z roared morphing to his gigantic size. “Seize in name of the king!” necromancer he pointed his thylium staff like his sword but lighter and stronger to cast faster magic right in the man’s face surrounding him in a seemingly impenetrable bubble. Nec responded with a mighty concentrated beam of magic, meaning he must be using the cosmos as power.. crap as it busted into pieces, “click click click with his tongue, now now big boy calm down you don’t want me to get angry do you?” The Nec said softly keeping his hood covering his eyes, “Does it look like I give a crap how you feel you twisted lost sorcerer?” Z snapped back, “Ok fine then we’ll do this the hard way, morphing into a sphinx with a head of a falcon body of a lion and wings like an eagle.” “Well well well, you can morph to I see don’t be fooled young nec I’ll be easy on you,” as he unsheathed his great sword lunging at the mythical creature nicking his right blocking arm, he returned with a fist flying at my face and no where to go. I did a few in air 180s falling to my face shaking the ground like a falling skyscraper, when I did manage to get up I forgot the sword and just takled him with iron grip sinking him straight through the earth.

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