Bibliona) The Bibilonians part three, will the south library make it to the plains library or perish beneath the snow?

Bibliona was a branch of the Bibilonians from times yore they dwelled in oval igloos with spiffy ice-brick chimneys plumming smoke to keep the outside below grade temperatures at bay. Their cheif Vion was one of Zs brothers from the last Biblio-age, standing much shorter at only 5ft tall but stout like a bore adorning an old war torn commanders yoroi crafted with En-steel scales infused with lonian protection magic. His heirs were Tim and Damian both early 20’s but got the stout gene, adorning subordinate hide-scaled yoroi. The artic landscape they called home was unforgiving examplified by the death of their mother one dreary night it was storming the worst in many years she gazed out the transperant ice block of a window at the horses stable that was begging to collapse from the wet snow piling above. She grabbed her muckers and wool lined jacket to brave the storm hoping she can save the vital horses, while she struggled with the last gate pin that was jammed stuck from the load, with one final shove it gave free letting the last of the three mares to freedom. as she followed timbers began cracking so she sped up only to be pinned by a falling timber following the complete implosion of the barn burying Ms Vion to her early demise. I know Tim she’s gone there is nothing we can do about that we just need to be safer out there it is unpredictable and dangerous. “Yes father I understand,” as his brow furrowed and his head fell low. “Tim bro, be strong she would’ve wanted us to do that for her you know..” Damian patted Tims back in comfort and reassurance. Look you two, there is something new coming our way it will be the worst storm bibliona has ever seen. The stars have instructed me so, I must prepare and listen for I must keep us all safe.

Post asteroid attack and centuries of planetary healing, we have a dilemma. the attack damaged the frost library beyond repair being stuck here was absurdly deplorable, so we must return to the plains library to find Z. With minimal supplies to carry and only 20 Bibilonians left we packed our sleds and hiked through the treacherous mountain valley that has an infamous habit of avalanches. What was approximate to 3 days turned into 4 but we made it to the plains biome boundry line, across we could make more headway without the restraints of snow stomping on our efforts. Swiftly we exited the mountain pass to the plains stretching miles until one could even see the community of libraries, but we pushed forth exhausted, hungry and exhausted believing fully there was light at the end of the tunnel. When we did make it to the gates we passed out, the kind guards recognized our royal embroideries and carried us to the guest quarters of the castle. We woke in the presence of maids setting a dining table with bacon wrapped ham alongside that was mashed potatoes and gravy. “You must be starving! Come join me for a feast frosty allies, oh I almost forgot welcome to Bibilonia,” Z joyfully resonated the room. “Commander Mar?” Vion queried, they call me Z these days but yes it is me my friend please let’s catch up. They talked over fine ail ń gourmet grub catching upon everything then.. so Vion about your son, he had turned to dark arts “Say no more Z, I saw him as my responsibility to.. handle. But since you have that ends that, excuse me I’m going back to rest now,” he fired back with a razor sharp tone. Well that didn’t end well now did it Z sent a glance over Scotts way, “It was worth a shot, ” Scott miffed as he walked out. The next morning was adventurous for Z, as he found himself the perfect bird. A brow feathered owl with creme around his eyes and chest, only after he got back home did it actually start talking. Dumbfounded as to how this occurred, he flipped through every page of every book on owls.. nothing, he was a prodigy of a bird his royal bird he was. Scott was scared at first of how a bird could carry such a complex, down right borderline philosophical.

The only dilemma now is well winter.. the astronomers predict it will be only a month away but it could be expedited due to atmospheric conditions, either way there is months of preparation to do. On the other hand we now have a much better system of goverment in place with regular weekly meetings between board members, one pivotal pony that was brought up is. Just how much now are we dealing with exactly? To this King Yore replied “The paralysis anxiety brings when you grasp for future prevention, we mustn’t fall into this pit that shall eat is alive. Rather act like the Bibilonians from times past and soley focus on the present moment, what you can achieve today is far more chewable than trying to stuff the whole cake in your face at once. “Solid presentation Sire,” The table cheered as they packed their supplies into satchels dispursing one by one out of the room until only Scott and Z were in the room, “Great meeting today Z you were able to pass the ‘All Bibilonians Are Equal’ bill into law. Now they can sleep knowing they can pay bills having a steady minimum wage helps keep the criminals from scalping employees unlawfully. And the final speech was awe inspiring, the whole don’t eat the whole cake at once makes sence,” he gleefully stated. I am glad you liked how it went I likewise agree hopefully with this new system in place we will finally break the threshold into becoming a thriving kingdom once again.



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