The Incredible Story Of Wormholes

Follow a wartime vet who traveled to what he thought was the saftey of the modern era. Only to fight again in the technical revolution where big conglomerates fought with riots against each other sparking a civil war. The first in which the cadet has ever seen, will he survive this one?                      The Great Steam War is at its peak, and you, a cadet for the British forces, are gearing up to set out facing the enemy. You have been a leading airship pilot at the Academy, nevertheless will you continue your achievement in the face of danger?             Two years we fought in the tooth and nail in the dug outs, likely the effects of the war will live on in all minds involved for their lifespans in the form of PTSD.  So I went off on a new venture following regaining our strength from the war which we had won.
A renowned fighter turned in his boots and rifle back into the university graduating to Victorian-era inventor turning up with creation after creation to much awe and admiration. All the while, however, you have secretly been working on a one of a kind steam-powered time machine, and today is the day to test your invention. You step inside  to be transported far into the future – but then discover that there is no way back the machine is useless in this era… sending you through a random unintended wormhole to a completly different timeline, one of somebody else’s. Thought to once be impossible.
You and your best friend have a sleepover in your backyard treehouse. She brings something cool to show you—a huge leather-bound book of supposed spells you can say, some of which can transport you to a different time in history or a different plane of existence altogether. You think it’s a bunch of baloney, but in the spirit of a spooky Friday night sleepover, you’re game to try some of the hocus-pocus spells out. You find one that promises to teleport you to a land of perfect peace and harmony. You just need to gather a few items first. After everything is ready, you chant the words, and, to your shock, you find yourself standing in what looks like a busy, futuristic city. You don’t see one single human being, but you do see plenty of robots… Another worm hole emerged from the white stone walkway, eating you back up… Spitting you back to the 20th century violently falling 4ft from the sky to the wet concrete below with a splash it went temporarily dark.
You blink open your eyes to a quaint apartment downtown, rolling over revealed a clock that read 5:00, instintually you roll out of bed to the coffee maker to brew a pot whilst getting your uniform on, while patrolling the neighborhood. A new theme park opens in Florida, promising a fantasy experience like no other. Using the latest in A.I. and robotics technology, the theme park contains thousands of fantasy creatures that look real on the outside but are mechanical on the inside. Everything from elves and dwarves to fairies and orcs lives and interacts in this world. There is even a 30-foot dragon that roams the land. As a local police officer, you are planning to bring your family over to see the attraction sometime next month. However, you change your mind when you look out of your cruiser window one day to see an elf riding on top of a dragon in the middle of rush hour traffic.

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