Howard was a bright fellow, not so much that he had a good intellect. But rather his sheer stupidity to try things no man would dare fate. I have followed his footsteps until they ended here where I felt his story should be told.

   One drizzly dead of night in 1850’s London, everyone except Howard hunkered down to sleep off the storm. On a mission to see if it was really possible to control the  mysterious weather of planet earth. Noting the height he stood atop the Big Ben gave him the Willie’s, installing steel poles reaching 100’s of feet into the clouds, fastening the fourth and last with groans he made his below with the wiring in hand. Tucked in a small relatively unknown nook of the tower only accessible by window, built a rudimentary weather control device via parts of scrapped electrical components from who knows what at this point. To a conglomerate of wires and lcds fastened together, like a modern day PC. He had theorized, if he were to introduce a new set of electronic signals using electrode rods, the cloud would heed his control. Hooking himself to this untested suit suspending him off the floor like modern day vr, finally the timer began rattling off the desk crashing to the floor.. the lightning pulsed the rods with unpredictable force, pulsing so much half the tower was vaporized in seconds from the football field size energy ball that ensued. Before it absorbed into Howard much like a sponge seeking water. He woke nestled in the sand shore gasping for air, it took force to remove the antique outfitted divers helmet but it was well worth the fresh air.  Staggering to his feet he followed the cobblestone path into town, down main-street taking a left at drunkards way opening the door where he collapsed face first into the oak plank floor. waking on a cold metal table he could see a bright lantern above with a brainy looking fellow to the right it must be doc, on my left I could see my wife Miranda sobbing.. He struggled to wake, without prevail. as if his body didn’t like that megawatt zap very much. Rising from the table I looked down at my old feeble body that confined me as I rushed through the wall back to main Street, meandering outside it dawned on him. He could see everything’s energy field, even the earth’s.. the suns, all energy clusters like he believed there to be, most don’t believe what they cannot see but now he has  witnessed this new God like power with his own two eye holes. Out of curiosity I raised my hand to draw power from the sun, with other I pointed at a boulder in the field afar. A ball of energy flung from the rod pose I naturally mimicked vaporizing the rock, inciting some panic among the farmer and animals. This is ingenious I thought as I called the earthy metals to build me a physical body so finally humanity can bear witness to the truth of life.

I busted through the locked loyal gates to the castle petrifying the guards who’s arrows merely bounce off. The king dared stand face to face with him not realizing he sapped every ounce of his energy.. leaving only a husk for all to see as he adorned the crown upon his head, imparting just enough power into the crown enabled this city as an energy hub for the newfound astereal conquers. Though without Howard’s knowledge a resistance is brewing deep below ground, founded by his brother Automus whom was a hideaway psychic, the last man who can stop his own monster of a brother with Amalia and Cavern as the brains and muscle. With a plan in order to assassinate Howard during the city ball utilizing his crafty manipulation abilities  to for once save humanity. Everything domino-ed down to them standing face to face in tattered suits. “Brother you have been a rotten child, but this?,” Automus scorned. “I am not ashamed of the power I deserve to have, I sacrificed my body to discover what most denied the notion of,” Howard fired back with a hint of fury brewing. Firing a bolt of energy at his brother, while freezing him with the other. So he cannot dodge, Automus bouncing of concrete smoking like a freshly grilled steak. He groaned as he struggled to regain his footing admiring his new battle scars as he rose, “I may be a psychic but mistake not I am no pansy brother,” Automus flung the energy bolt flying back in the same fashion though, Howard has become slightly more powerful following his greed streak. Launching with super sonic speed Automus tackled his brother from his pedestal down to the pond 3 stories below shattering all three glass dividers to the bottom of the pond following a big mushroom cloud of water, Automus climbed off his brother Howard’s unconscious body catching his breath. Howard coughed and sputtered prying himself from his concrete mold, “my my brother, you have grown,” Howard gruffed catching his breath, while un-clipping his mangled suit leaving just his torn black tuxedo. All it took was a look and the two were back at it like two bulls hyped up on roids, launching at each other with super sonic speed sent a shock-wave for miles, Howard bear hugged his tired brother in the body slam charging him with megawatts of juice then absorbing 10× that, within milliseconds of each other. Automus dropped pale but breathing, just as Howard raised his staff their cousin emerged from the depths of the ocean a few miles adjacent to the waterfront resort sending a huge ball of water consuming Howard, While revitalizing Automus. Thane stood beside Automus as he fumbled to his feet again, “Thank you cuz, thought you weren’t coming back to the surface after..” cut off by “exceptions exist.” As he pulled Howard’s suspension ball to his side returning to the ocean with haste, leaving all to wonder what came of the corrupt man. Well he lived out his long life as a conduit for the oceanic people. Providing their once lifeless city with new found energy, fully off grid like the last conduit but made of metal.


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