Voltercon, a millenia long standing event for dirt bike legends. This year, particularly will be different because it will be sponsored by: Purley EV. An electronic automobile company on the verge of making tradedeals with countless big brands, including Voltercon. 1,500 people will be there, ultimate competition of the century, gates dropped allowing the quiet EVs to well bumble? Or whine. Either or.

Around the hectar size oval track with all kinds of epic; stunt ramps, bumps, mud pits, tunnels. One driver under speculation this round, Arch the great stuntman. Born to a white collar family in Boston, later moving to Hollywood hills to find a stuntman career. Only to find a plethora of choices, settling with: the dirtbike stuntman for: Epic Show Group. A group of southerners always looking to host a good time.

Competition day Arch prepared to take his turn, sitting on his bike checking it over before strapping his helmet to his head nice and snug. Launching off with a perfect wheelie, he ramped off the first 13 foot ramp a good 50 feet in the air. Two in air 360’s landing smoothly on both tires. Onto the next stunt, a bed of mini speed bumps to test wheelie stability. And last a two loop spiral ending with a ring of fire. Arch analyzed the course with ease. As the speaker described the course in a booming coach like voice.

Time to roll..

Arch made it to the final stunt, the chain snapped right before the jump, not leaving enough room for momentum. Waking up in the locker room with paramedics surrounding him. Dazed he looked around to witness himself, fairly charred. I made it right? He queried as he drifted off again. Awake but this time, in a dark hospital room. Flowers and cards filled the table at his feet, stumbling upright he was hooked up to all kinds of machines, instead of burnt skin he could see bandages indicating they had graphed new skin. Here goes the frankinstien sheek. This was his home for two months.

back at the bike shop..

“Yo! The legand returns, I have something for you. Here it is the gold medal and keys to a 1974 Honda CR125M. It is in the garage.,”

What really??

The pair bought a retired gas station slash garage, it was at the corner of Colton Dr. and Main Street, A side muse was started to pay for costs. Utilizing gears automotive expertise, it took off in that small town needing a good shop. It began, with millions arch left the business to follow motocross legends like him, scarred and all he got back on that bike. Years of peeling dirt and making jumps landed him a position among them in the leading stadium, the real money maker that would seal his career. The longest track he’s seen with over 50 miles of jumps, twists, turns, ramps and more. He lead the pack until the last stunt striking memories of the last tango with fire rings. Snapping out of it quickly so not to lose he assured himself he was in a real fireproof suit. Both wheels screeched as he landed first across the finish line his bike smoking from the stress.

Two days flight back to their little town Arch walked in on a meeting for bankruptcy, his brother stressing in his chair perked up when he caught sight of Arch. Yo gear wassup G?

“Just financial struggles and bad choices man, I messed up and I’m looking at loosing it all again.. I need therapy or something man,”

Arch pulled out his checkbook signing over enough to cover expendatures, “Don’t worry about paying this back we are business partners now let’s make this big.”

Happy the landlord left with a nice sum enough to outright purchase the building and surrounding property, 3m dollar purchase but two hectares of space. Inviting other automotive enthusiasts like Voltercon to set up shop, they happily obliged adding a shop for their local races, and volt dealership lot. After two years of solid running and prosperity.

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