Rabbit Hole

  Far Far Far down the rabbit hole we fell, miles it felt like until we connected with some weird verdant grassy plain in between worlds. I was sceptical over it all, but my partner says it is essential we dutifully reaserch this. Let’s rewind back a few hours...

A few hours earlier… “Hey Dean!, We’ve got a humongous discovery, at the Collage library, want to come by and see!?” Specks excitedly rattled off,

“You seem awefully more excitable than normal Specks, alright you’ve pequed my curiosity let’s go see what you have uncovered.”

  Riding bikes through the campus waving at passing people they know from class & work. A couple blocks they reached the library where two of Specks friend’s stood waiting. Inside they went down a more-or-less secret spiral staircase to an abandoned part of the library. Cobwebs and dust littered everything from years of neglect, through a pair of wooden doors the team had found one of the magic sections of the once famous Bibilonian library.

Among the old tomes was the tome of Asgura, the ancient art of wormhole travel. Cabron the multilingual book worm of the bunch was able to decipher the encrypted text: In thy book containing wormhole theories from yore.  The rest of the book was nothing but scientific theories exept the last page, which contained a detailed explanation of the how.

Clearing the dusty table the best we could, we placed the book on the table then began slowly collecting the materials in between classes, forbidden to speak of but we must. A grueling 6 days of getting the stuff together, afterall this is a closed campus now instead of a castle.. it bites due to the inability to leave. Feels like a hogwarts situation, thus a contributing reason to continue studying wormholes.

It took us some time but we finnaly got a glimmer of a portal before it collapsed again, “Gahhh barnicals,” they huffed in disappointment.

Again they attempted the casting. This time it opened right below their feet sucking them in to whatever dimensional portal they summoned..

Down the rabbit hole they fell and fell spiraling lights intertwined with the dark like a trippy collidascope all around them. Hitting the bottom was thrice uncomfortable bounce and all, Staggering to their feet they unclipped flashlights from the gear they had in rucksacks. Scanning the area they rapidly realized they were not on earth any more.

Upon realizing they could jump great distances they moved like kangaroos across the expansive unknown.. Until sun bright lights came on with a booming thud, blinded they fell back to the foliage on the other side of the area. Regaining their vision they could see a stadium of sorts, with Gladiators on the four corners each on a different pose than the last. The walls were that of glass, behind said glass sat human like giants dressed like; knights, warriors, hunters and gatherers.

It was all chill hiding out in the foliage until the main show began.. One giant which appears to be to be consteting to the throne as the other far bigger giant wore a tad fancier of a set with stars and gold instead of the basic steel the first giant adorned. Specks observed, Dean followed Specks  observations, With a subtle grunt of concurrence he further added, “We may want to exit stage left before things go south eh?”, Dean evenly whispered nudging at the small hole in the wall they could squeeze through.

Outside the stadium alast they could gulp in a few steady breaths of fresh non giant funked air. They proceeded down what looks to be a well beaten trail through a dense jungle of trees taller than the empire state building, to a light off in the distance maybe a village…

Inching closer they concluded their suspicions, the roofs were visable now as they hoofed faster. At the gate they knocked politely, a female giant opened the gates looking at them puzzled as she tried to correlate puny human.

“Hello, we are from e-a-r-t-h” Specks introduced,

“Don’t mind my friend he does not leave the library very often, I am Dean Bibilonian.”

“Gahhhh Gah Gah Gahhhh, *clears throat* it has been a mighty long time since we had newcomers. Please do come on in,”

Upon entering the pair was faced by a good 20 giants in sight scattered across the village, specks was jotting notes. While I looked around completely awestruck at the giant buildings.

Unexpectedly two burly giants picked us up by our arms as if we were sacks of potatoes to them, to our dimly lit prison cell. Upstairs we could distinctly hear two voices, one male and one female. The male was ranting on about puny humans, while the female was yelling back telling them to grow a sence of morality it ended soon after with a door slam that probably shook the entire village.

Until part two.. For now a bonus tid bit =)

This is a story I found while meandering through my notes for inspiration. Hopefully you enjoy.

Mr. Write

Mr. Write was an English teacher who spent his life preaching one thing, everyone can write, but it takes passion and time for the best ones to emerge.

One kid called him a liar, the others akin to him followed with other snarky names all denoting the same thing. He’s a liar.

Until one day in class they had a writing essay and those kids failed while the ones who let him mold them aced it and wrote great publishable short stories.

Morale of the story is don’t say you cannot until you whole-heartedly try. Seriously apply this everywhere in life apply this, if you’re gonna do something do it right – my granny said many times.


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