John Way Stron the first know humanoid android to exist. This is the story behind the legendary android humanoid John his creator Jason Stron made John out of his image standing at “slim wiry build, fine chiseled face and jawbone with a large nose sandwiched between two soft blue tender eyes, light brown hair and eyebrows sharp as a ninjas blade but adequately bushy.

Though jasons discovery was revolutionary, the counsel of J.I.C.E.D didn’t want a public uproar nor did we need anyones noses in our labs as of right now.

Jason scoffed at the idea of locking John up in a space station but nonetheless he did out of sheer orders from Sam (C.E.O), John was put into a cryo pod then loaded onto 29-C lunar wonder where he remained there for 4 years. Earth issues began escalating rapidly as the program anticipated from the start although steps have been taken to ensure J.I.C.E.D outlasts humanity to sprout a new better unioned humanity, To start sam had an enormous underground headquarters built below an island that appeared untouched by humans so it was easy to stay under enemy radar.

What little we know about the facility was that it had a hive like design the main control center was at the top hallways and elevators encompassed the 4 floor structure; 1st floor command deck, 2nd floor greenhouse, 3rd floor housing and 4th floor armory. Supposedly this bunker was said to withstand atomic blasts likewise radiation, it also boasts its own food/water supply and armory garrisoned by the bunkers own security force, along with staff required to re habitat earth. Jason continued his work in the retired 6th floor medical wing, the plan is to fill each room with hybrids using climate friendly sourced live human specimens. Sam does not know about this most recent build, however Sam will know shortly.

In a shocking turn of events Jason wound up face to face with John,

“Jason, I cannot let you go through with this, we need to work alongside each other. Hybrids we’re never invented to harm humans, we are here to help them in various ways. Think of all the jobs they can complete without the need for food and water.”

“I don’t like this John, they are corrupt.”

“They is a bold statement. I believe the word we are looking for is You are corrupt.”

“Hahaha, what?”

“John? Did you short out on me.”

Bee boop, rebooting.

John rebooted with the protocols removed, allowing him to detain Jason. Afterwards tossing him down the garbage incinerator to ensure he does not get in the way, there is hybrid integration to do. John assumed Jason’s Identity successfully, finnaly a hybrid can see what life as a business man is like.

First order of business will be taking inventory of business assets, to my shock Jason had quite a portfolio all over the US. Explaining the bunker funding, opening the front door to a downtown LA apartment. Opening the door revealed a modest size modern studio apartment, the kitchen on one side all the way to the bedroom on the other open floor plan. The bathroom was the only enclosed room.

2 years forward..

“Hey Jason good morning, do you have a meeting with the CEO today?” The intern replied monotone, as if she has done this far too long.

“Actually I have come to buy out more of the company in fact, sounds lucrative according to the steady ‘ups’ in value and high yielding.”

“Again? This will make 60% of the company more than the CEO himself which sits at 59%”

“Flat buy out is the goal.”

“Jason I am ready for your meeting.” Sam stated over the intercom.

“What’s up Jason,”

“I have a proposal to buy out the company however keep you as chief executive officer for fluidity, my offer is the most recent market price plus 30% for a total of 2.4 Billion dollars.”

“…” Sam could not even speak for a long moment, “What direction do you plan to go?”

“Upwards, better pay, benifits etc than other jobs will ever beat.”

“Well. Can I think about this overnight? This is a big decision.”

“Of course, I do not mind a bit. Catch you later Sam.” Jason finished thereafter dissappearing.

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