How To Write Short Fiction

  I will tell you..

There is no tried and true – – – right or wrong way of going about this. But there is some pointers you will want to ensure your incorporating if they appeal to your personal style. Mistakes I have made myself I hope to edify you with. However if your like me nothing anyone says will stop you from trying so that is good too ;). Experimentation = Creation after all.

The Four Basic Guidelines.

I think of it as the rule of fours, a simple guideline I follow.

Rule #1

Read, read, read everything from books to shampoo bottles, you must give your brain words to chew on. If you do not incorporate reading into your daily diet, you will not have the reasources or capacity to write that someone who does will.

Rule #2

Do not ever conform to anyone’s way of thinking, that will get you nowhere. Except multiple plagerism cases, or worse your identity as an artist diminished.

Rule #3

Stop trying to impress everyone, sometimes your haters are your best contributors. You cannot make everyone happy so find the niche You enjoy writing and stick with it like you are the king of Sparta.

Rule #4

Do not stop yourself ftom mindlessly writing, this is the honeypot of writing that will help you get better at your craft. Besides that is how some of the best books were born.

Rule #5

Like in rule one, reaserch is another crucial part, that can be done alongside rule one or with a few simple internet searches. Whenever you are curious about something reaserch it, think of those moments as high neuro – plasticity because your brain wants to learn about what is immediately curious about. Therefore the information ‘sticks’ better than when you are not ‘interested’

In summary: these are just habits I have practiced for the longest time, if you can get some or all of these down pat. You can branch out and leaen other habits. The key is, as writers we never stop learning and growing unless they have given up these rules because they believe they have learned all that is to be, quite a shame when this scenario happens. Do not fall in this trap, spread your wings instead. Soar like an eagle.