Sven is looking for other aspiring fiction writers and authors, a free place to publish their short fiction works. For Svenians to read, giving your work and the reader a boost. Currently donation based, so it is no cost for either party, currently.

Exposure to around 1k eyes a month, you could;

Increase you’re visability on other platforms, Google and more,

Access to a development page intended for site update demos, first look at new posts, designs. And more.

(Any pieces donated, the author will get a shout out on social, and a spot on the contributer page.)

Submission Guidelines:

  1. The piece must be 900-2000 words (variable depends on the piece.) Exemption(s); if said author is not exclusively doing short fiction, podcasters, videographer, photographer etc.
  2. Must be Pg-13 at max if it is explicit it will be denied until further notice.
  3. Must be fiction, unless exempt. Does not matter on genre.

Submission Email Format:

  1. Piece title as the email title.
  2. write a succinct summary.
  3. Attach the Word document to the email.
  4. Include links, Photos, Other graphics etc below that as needed with a brief decription on their purpose.
  5. Submit! Allow me a few days I’ll reach out to you regarding whether you are/arn’t accepted and a reason will be provided as to either decision.
  6. For images, the email is:


If you would like to share a testimonial on the website it is warmly welcomed to hear what you have to say. Plus once we hit around five testimonials it will have its own page, crediting the author with free backlinks. We are all social creatures by nature, your voice matters to help spread the joy these stories bring.