The Witch And The Teddy Bear

Once upon a time.. There was am optimistic girl named Maud Parkes. She was on her way to see her friend Carla Bond, when she had decided to take a short-cut through Greenton Woods, believing that it would cut off a few miles.It wasn't long before Maud had gotten lost among the thick oak trees. … Continue reading The Witch And The Teddy Bear


Arch and Gear take on the big corporations by opening a shop among a prime location in New Jersey. It went swell before Arch left to persue motocross, Gear fell into a rabbit hole of drinking, bad financial decisions leading to a wake up call when the land lord showed up wanting his cut. Thankfully Arch showed up just in time to save the business. Together they ran their shop into the EV era, retiring the shop.


One drizzly dead of night in 1850's London, everyone except Howard hunkered down to sleep off the storm. On a mission to see if it was really possible to control the mysterious weather of planet earth. He could see everything's energy field, even the earth's.. the suns, all energy clusters like he believed there to be, most don't believe what they cannot see but now he has witnessed this new God like power with his own two eye holes. Firing a bolt of energy at his brother, while freezing him with the other. So he cannot dodge, Automus bouncing of concrete smoking like a freshly grilled steak.