Frosty Day In Crasp =High-Order= Embedded Naritve

It was a frosty day in Crasp, HK, and the others we're warming up next to a big bonfire with warm cider and pork roast with mash potatoes. As it was Christmas eve everyone was having a jolly good time stuffing goodies and dinner over talks of travels and legends of Crasp, this homeland has … Continue reading Frosty Day In Crasp =High-Order= Embedded Naritve

Tommy) =High-Order= Pt.4

Tommy was HK's 3rd descendent blessed only with the family intelegence, --- Crasp was now a modern city like New York, just outside of New Jersey. --- Now it runs off a democratic political system, with his royal blood Tommy was determined to make it to the hot seat of govener. And save Crasp from … Continue reading Tommy) =High-Order= Pt.4