Arch and Gear take on the big corporations by opening a shop among a prime location in New Jersey. It went swell before Arch left to persue motocross, Gear fell into a rabbit hole of drinking, bad financial decisions leading to a wake up call when the land lord showed up wanting his cut. Thankfully Arch showed up just in time to save the business. Together they ran their shop into the EV era, retiring the shop.

Tommy) =High-Order= Pt.4

Tommy was HK's 3rd descendent blessed only with the family intelegence, --- Crasp was now a modern city like New York, just outside of New Jersey. --- Now it runs off a democratic political system, with his royal blood Tommy was determined to make it to the hot seat of govener. And save Crasp from … Continue reading Tommy) =High-Order= Pt.4

Prosperity) =High-Order= Pt.2

Prolouge Two decades after the fall of thy mistress of magic, Yukamo has been slaving away at rebuilding the economy and produce of Crasp,  the population had skyrocketed from a measly 200 people too over 4,000 people bringing in shops, barbers, blacksmiths, inns, bars.. the lot of essentials of the advanced  capital citys ins and … Continue reading Prosperity) =High-Order= Pt.2