Rabbit Hole

  Far Far Far down the rabbit hole we fell, miles it felt like until we connected with some weird verdant grassy plain in between worlds. I was sceptical over it all, but my partner says it is essential we dutifully reaserch this. Let's rewind back a few hours... A few hours earlier... "Hey Dean!, … Continue reading Rabbit Hole


Colander is a native of Uakly, a city in Uzbekistan. He shares his father's two story victorian home with a secret basement. He describes the basement as a "torture chamber" and a "monster lies inside dormant waiting for the next unsuspecting passer-byer to fall into its trap" "I turned to flea back maybe he was right...  blitzed with a vase, (Yes you would be correct if you thought I ran into it as it was swinging at me).  I was back home, the next day I went downstairs to find my father making pancakes with chocolate chips and syrup, with a side of banana oat meal"