Deadly Duckling

Hubert was a simple duck all he ever did was lounge about in his two-story hut snacking on whatever his human companion brought him.

Little did this duck know. Loggers had their eyes on those enormous pines thus they would stop at nothing to get their paws on them oh the money they could rake in from the poor ol guss living on the 32 acres of beautiful pines.
Thinking it would be a quick job to eradicate the old guss, take the trees and head on home but they never factored in the ‘harmless’ duck out in the barnyard.

Said duck is currently planning his own escape realizing something is amiss with the strange men with weird wands pacing around the trees, therefore he planned to help his owner rid the property of their filthy intentions.
It was a normal night for the old guss feed the livestock, meandering back inside for some supper which was pork roast and homemade mash-potatoes.

After delving into her favorite FarmersMonthly magazine chucked full of farmers equipment and deals, soon after delving into the fine reading a rumble emerged from the barnyard, spiking her wiry gray hair. The old guss gave the curtains a tug only to faintly see two men in a logging truck appearing to be planning something, so the old guss loaded her little pepper shooter and marched for the door ready to hang some loggers.

She swiftly opened the door causing it to slam into the house as she proceeded to trudge towards the truck. Standing in front of the truck the two men soon realized they had a weapon aimed at their heads with one mean old bitty behind it. The driver slammed into reverse and rushed towards the gate, before they got through the gate the granny evened her breath and sqoze the trigger with everything she had left. The sidearm fired off hitting the trucks rear popping the left tire and shattered the rear window which knocked the driver unconscious then he swerved into a ditch.

The old bitty approached the truck which was belching steam and smoke, poking her head into the window to ensure the two buffoons were alive, satisfied with her win she called the sheriff to handle the two trespassers. The sheriff and his deputies arrived not long after the call under the assumption they got the better of her but to their disbelief the ol bitty still had one mean shot.

A few days after the incident Hubert was acting sickly, so the old bitty brought Hubert inside to see what the trouble could be. Clueless she agreed with herself hubert was just getting old and returned him to his hut. The next morning a loud crashed emerged from Huberts pen, the old bitty rushed out to see what the commotion was about.

She found Hubert gone with a gaping hole in the side of the pen, upon further inspection of the pen she had found some form of pesticide among his food. A look of horror came across her face as she realized she may have a rabid duck on her hands. Rushing back to her house stumbling for the old timey dial phone on the wall calling the sheriff once again.