Thane Manor Curse

Thane manor was an ordinary home, although the ancestors have made the east wing completely sealed off and forbidden for reasons unbeknownst to the new owners who scored the decrepit abandoned 10 Bedroom 10 Bathroom manor on the flea market for 1m square.

All was well in the west wing where they began renovations, it was when they requested their laborers to break down the sacred 300 year old boarded off hallway to the east wing. The men shared their worries of the tall tales told, but complied to remain on payroll of Mr. Thun.

Upon the first timbers crack, dust plumbed out of the small opening gagging everyone. They were all cursed and didn’t realize it until that night when a young distressed maid visited the west wings master quarters where the Thun’s were fast asleep, she stood at the foot of the bed and took a deep ghostly breath and hollard BOO. The sleeping became the woken and terrified jolting awake pale and shaking, they questioned her business in their quarters she only responded with: You are the lucky recipients of the Thane Manor curse. Hahaha she faded away.

They bailed out of bed scrambling for light to get a better look but she vanished once the lights flickered to life, terrified Mr. Thun meandered the halls checking all windows and doors to ensure they are still locked.. he gasped at his realization of what the men heeded before ripping down the sacred blockage. Restless they remained awake the whole night, scouring for any clues on what the maid meant by the Thane Manor curse but were fruitless in the main library so they turned their focus to the blueprints seeing if by chance their was another library among the rooms in the basement. To their surprise there was a room not on the blueprint that was locked by a sturdy iron chain and a Skelton padlock from the 1870s presumably meaning this room has been removed around then and not accessed by anything living.

Mr. Thun made a 3a.m call to his laborers sleeping in the servents quarters only to find they have been awake playing poker all night, they ventured down to see what Mr. Thane was asking of them to find the dreadful room they went pale standing next to. ‘We cannot open that door Mr. Thun’ they scurried back up the grand stairwell back to the foyer through the front door with a slam, they scurried back to the group looking ghostly. What happened? ‘We we’re attacked by three demon maids for encroaching on their resting place’ they sobbed with fear, I’m done with this hopla thus is my house now!

Wrong Mr. Thun this is my house still and you have no right being here tearing apart my home Mr. Thane howled with anger, watch me ghost as he snatched the bolt cutters from the laborers and cut the lock to the grand door, upon using a timber ram the door came agar a plumb of dust vacated the 130 year sealed chamber to reveal a library with alchemy type equipment mummified flowers potted and drying. Picking up one of the ancient tomes and blowing off the inches thick layer of dust it read ‘Thane Manor Volume 1’ upon reading cover to cover 3,500 pages filled with family lineage and lore. Another 4 volumes at the same length on the shelf Thun pulled up a stool clearing the dust just enough to sit but not infect the air with the particles.

5 tomes of history in Thun realised just how dark and morbid the Thane family was, the horrors these walls have seen, the witches and wizards that once casted spells and made human sacrifices in this very room. Terrified Thun races out of the room without snooping further – – – He already had snooped to far – – – back in the hallway where his wife and laborers were there was no soul in sight. Naughty naughty Mr. Thun the spirit of Thane bellowed as he appeared in front of Thun, you read my tomes didn’t you? The man in the black continental suit demanded, why yes I did and I know everything about you and this manor I have a stratagey to lay you all at peace off site, win-win right. No you silly silly over educated bafoon out spirits are trapped here for eternity until we gather enough souls to walk again.

So you are going to take my family just so you can walk the earth again that is just like what the times said about the curse you own our souls.. Yes you are correct I already got the others in my qouta your next, MAIDS come forth and take this man to the basement for his reckoning. No you monster I’ll take you all out.. as the maids gagged him with his own tie, on the table of the basement he noticed how new and undisturbed it all looked like some kind of different realm, everything became blurryer and blurryer I looked down to see myself naked and strapped to a stone slab with gutters funneling blood into an urn below with a steady stream then it began to drip in a steady pattern drifting me off into darkness to walk with the others around the lonely hallways of Thane Manor.

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